Friday, June 4, 2010

Speaking Of Radical Islam: Anti-Civilization

Whoever he is, this Dr. Zero guy keeps hitting home runs:
Look at the world through the eyes of Hamas and its apologists, and ask yourself: what’s the point of sending a couple of boats full of terror “activists” to run the Gaza blockade?

The short-term benefit is obvious. Israel is placed in another no-win situation. If the Israeli military had allowed the Terror Flotilla to cruise on its way, they would have displayed a dangerously provocative weakness. Enforcing the blockade brought the Israelis into contact with armed and determined terrorist agents. When the IDF commandos defended themselves, a credulous global media was ready to write stories of “peace activists” being “massacred,” as Hamas desired. Within twenty four hours, regimes noted for the regular murder of their captive subjects were at the podium of the United Nations, denouncing a democracy for defending its borders. I have yet to see a major media figure ask how many of the countries denouncing Israel would respond to an invading flotilla by sending in a squad of guys with paintball guns.

The long-term strategy behind the Terror Flotilla is more troubling, because the pieces in that game are moved by the skeleton hand of anti-civilization… and it is winning.

The central flaw in Western liberal foreign policy is the naïve belief they can construct a civilization without enemies. No amount of multicultural babble, foreign-aid payoffs, or servile bows before foreign leaders can accomplish that task. Every society has both rivals and enemies. Rivals have plans which extend beyond victory in any given contest or campaign. The conquerors of old were looking to assemble empires, and the most successful of them made efforts to incorporate the people and cultures they overwhelmed. Not even the rowdiest English king planned to exterminate the French.

Anti-civilization is different. It destroys without assimilation. It learns nothing from its enemies, studying them only to find weaknesses it can exploit. In ancient times, it took the form of barbarian reavers, who looked upon graceful cities full of art and music and felt nothing but hunger and contempt. The industrial age refined anti-civilization into a powerful black oil, fueling massive engines of murder. It learned to wear crisp uniforms, and build concentration camps. It orchestrated decades of mechanized slaughter, with an atomic finale. By the end of the twentieth century, it had learned to manufacture terror, and transform the wonders of the civilization it hates into firebombs that could level mighty skyscrapers.

Anti-civilization stands opposed to the crucial idea that animates civilization: the belief that human life has value. It took a long time for both Western and Asian civilizations to fully understand this concept, but even in their infancy, they were dimly aware of its power. Mankind tended a garden of thought that grew for thousands of years, nourished by growing concepts of limited rule and transcendent rights, until it finally produced the most succulent fruit of the Enlightenment, the United States Constitution. Civilization begins with respect for the lives of others… the recognition that other people cannot be casually butchered for the slightest of reasons. Focusing this understanding to the elegant modern respect for individual dignity is the work of centuries, but the very concept of law is rooted in the most primitive incarnation of that respect.

It is this core value of respect for life that anti-civilization rejects. It dreams of Final Solutions and drowning its enemies in blood. It’s not just carless of civilian casualties… it deliberately inflicts them, as a matter of policy. It is ravenous for innocent blood, because it knows it can only defeat the superior intellectual and physical power of civilized nations through atrocities. It defeats mighty nations by murdering their children, and mutates its own children into bombs to achieve that purpose.

Anti-civilization can only succeed with the assistance of traitors from within the ranks of its civilized enemies… and it never has trouble finding them. Every society breeds people who refuse to see anti-civilization for what it is, rendering it invisible because it exists beyond the limits of their imaginations. There are also those who grow weary of the constant challenge to defend the society they have built, weakly accepting the comfort of a quiet grave for their civilization. Worst of all, every civilization produces those who eagerly cooperate in the task of burning them to the ground, with plans for rebuilding from the ashes tucked into their back pockets. The barbarians can always be defeated, if their allies within the city walls can be kept from opening the gates.

Industrial technology allowed the creation of Israel, a tiny democracy floating in a sea of barbarism, able to defeat all of its hostile neighbors in an incredibly short war. That same technology produced the media apparatus that anti-civilization relies upon, to commune with its allies and dupes around the world. In a very short time, atomic technology will put genocide back on the table in the Middle East… and our civilization will face a challenge that certain elements are already preparing themselves to lose.

The long-term significance of the Terror Flotilla is that it gives the worldwide Left one more dose of sedative to deal with the possibility of a coming horror in Israel. They’ve long since grown weary of dealing with the problems that tiny nation creates, and begun telling themselves it might just be better for everyone if it ceased to exist. Look how quickly the Left agrees with the Palestinian narrative that every problem in the Middle East is caused by the Jewish state… with the implied conclusion that all those problems would disappear if Israel does.

Anti-civilization wishes to convince the elite of the civilized world that its crimes are understandable, and the victim had it coming anyway. It’s already delighted to know the democracies of the world are less than enthusiastic about standing beside the little democracy it plans to drown. What we’re seeing now is part of the long prologue to something the global Left is slowly, quietly convincing itself will be the tragic but inevitable end to a complicated story. In truth, it will only be the beginning. Anti-civilization is both merciless, and relentless.
Given the strictly dogmatic, violent, and yes, even evil nature of anti-civilization, I believe there's no proverbial Switzerland in this battle, and no one will be able to remain neutral. You're either with the forces of anti-civilization, or not. I choose not.

Sadly, those who are quietly, inevitably enabling anti-civilization will be destroyed just as surely as those of us who plan to go down fighting. They may be destroyed last, but they will still be destroyed. Unfortunately, it will be too late to change their minds at that point.

There's my two cents.

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