Tuesday, June 8, 2010

That's Quite A Lot Of Skin Ya' Got There...

In the game, that is (courtesy of Gateway Pundit):
Back in January 2009, Barack Obama told Americans that,
“Everyone must sacrifice… Everyone must have some skin in the game.”

Well… Everyone but Barack and Michelle Obama.

Canada Free Press reported, via FOX Nation:

The same hypocrite who says our energy costs must “necessarily skyrocket” to fund his political ambition, is giving Marie Antoinette a run for her money when it comes to spending national treasure on personal luxuries.

While much of the country is struggling to pay their bills, the President and First Lady are partying like rock royalty. The collection of talent that has made the pilgrimage to the White House to entertain Obama and friends is nothing less than amazing: Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennet, Paul Simon, Marc Anthony, Herbie Hancock, Martina McBride, Queen Latifah, The Foo Fighters, Faith Hill, and recently foot-in-mouth Paul McCartney to name a few.

This has the makings to be the greatest ongoing concert series ever to be seen on this Earth just to entertain one man … all paid for by the American taxpayer.

…The executive branch does not provide detailed information regarding entertainment expenses, however, it has been estimated the Obamas spent at least $10 million on “drunken White House parties” in 2009 alone.

Remember the liberal modus operandi: two sets of rules, one for them and one for the rest of us. And geez, if you think there should only be one set of rules for everyone, well then you must be racist or something.

There's my two cents.


The All Real Numbers Symbol said...

Oh *that's* real nice. Everyone else in the country is trying to pay their bill and stay employed and we're almost broke and this guy takes a ton of taxpayer money and spends it on concerts. What is this, Versailles?

It's like I went to bed before the '08 election and woke up afterward in the Twilight Zone or something. Maybe I'll hibernate all summer and leave a wake-up call for November 2nd.

(Not really, because to keep an eye on what goes on in the world, but it sure seems like a good idea sometimes.)

2Cents said...

It's the liberal way of life: two sets of rules. *sigh*