Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daily Must-Reads

Liberals say the U.S. is ungovernable...again!

Is it possible for a practicing Muslim soldier to swear allegiance to the Constitution? (hint: the answer rhymes with snow)

Is bipartisanship a desirable goal?

It's not just the appointees, it's the man who put them there, too.

Our national no-energy policy.

"We will not sleep until every Toyota is safe to drive."  Says a representative of the new owner of GM and Chrysler.  Uh-huh.

In a speech to CPAC, conservative Republican Marc Rubio -- the man who has now surpassed Gov. Crist for the GOP nomination -- touts American exceptionalism.

Bush-hating, anti-capitalist, crazy guy crashes airplane into IRS building.  Naturally, he's being reported as a right-wing 'teabagger'.

Palin: we must not resort to third parties!

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