Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daily Must-Reads

Jeffrey Lord writes a very interesting column at The American Spectator about the GOP and abortion, including the assertion that some people are pro-life for reasons other than religion by examining how slavery was treated by Lincoln and the Supreme Court at the time.  Along the way, Lord provides a terrific explanation of the problem of a too-strong federal government that is very similar to my opposition to smoking bans while being a non-smoker.  Check it out.

American Thinker is one of the best sites on the Internet for reasoned conservative political commentary.  The biggest problem I have with them is that everything they put out is excellent, and really should be read widely.  I just can't keep up!  Here are a few of the recent good ones that are all worth checking out:
     - Al Gore is lying low -- for good reason
     - What do you expect with Obama?
     - What do Muslim nations think about terrorism?
     - How to cut the budget
     - The Incontestable Tenets of the Green Church
     - What Americans don't understand about DemCare
     - How the Left reveals itself
     - President Incompetent
     - Planning to fail

Is our government really broken?

Obama whines, "I'm not a socialist!"  Uh...prove it.

Just one failure of a year in, and he's already planning his re-election campaign.

John Yoo: I did this for you, too.

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