Thursday, February 4, 2010

Damn That YouTube!

Prepare for mental whiplash...

Here's a montage of Barack Obama acknowledging that the GOP has put forward plenty of workable ideas and solutions, as well as Barack Obama (and some administration hacks) saying the GOP has not put forward any workable ideas or solutions:

Damn that YouTube! It keeps the American people waaaay too informed!

One of those solutions involves an immediate cancellation of TARP, and all remaining funds being returned to pay down the deficit that Obama has run up. Of course, the Dems would rather use TARP -- as the slush fund that it is -- for some other pet projects. Senator Judd Gregg gets a bit fiery with Obama's budget director, Peter Orszag about it:

Whoa! And this is from the guy who Obama originally tapped to be the Commerce Secretary.

Personally, I find this combative appearance by Sen. Gregg to be sweet, sweet music to my ears! It's about time the GOP in Washington wake up and start making a ruckus. The American people are ANGRY about what Obama and the Dems have been doing to this country, and are very concerned about the legacy that we're leaving our children and's about time our elected reps started following along!

Some other fun facts on what the Dems have done to this nation's debt:

Ø Since Democrats took control of Congress in January 2007, the debt limit has been raised by Congress five times and the national debt (the combined public debt and debt held in government accounts) has increased by 42.4 percent or $3.68 trillion.

Ø Democrats enacted a debt increase in February 2009, promising that borrowing another trillion dollars would create jobs "immediately" and unemployment would not rise above 8 percent. However, there were still 85,000 job losses last month and unemployment is currently at 10 percent.

Ø This would be the third time that President Obama will have increased the debt limit since being inaugurated.

Ø Under the President's budget, the national debt will soar from $9.961 trillion at the beginning of 2009 when President Obama took office to more than $25.77 trillion in 2020-an increase of 147 percent.

Ø Over the next ten years, annual deficits average $917 billion every year under the President's budget.

So what does the President think of the almost trillion dollar deficits he's racking up? Why, that's just gosh-darned funny:

Is this guy even on the planet anymore?

There's my two cents.

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