Monday, February 1, 2010

DemCare Update

Hey, all right! The White House is saying they're just one vote away from forcing DemCare down the throats of the American people:

The White House says they are one vote away from ramming Obamacare through Congress.
The radical democrats didn’t learn a thing from the Virginia gubernatorial election. The radicals didn’t learn a thing from the New Jersey gubernatorial election. The radicals didn’t learn a thing from the Massachusetts election for US senator. They’re going to ram Obamacare through Congress no-matter-what.

And, Robert Gibbs still insists that Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts is a referendum on Barack Obama’s radical policies.
Here's another glimpse of the wonderfulness that awaits us, courtesy of our friends across the pond:

More than 500,000 patients every year are readmitted to hospital after apparently being sent home too soon, alarming figures reveal.

Labour’s waiting-time targets have been blamed for the 50 per cent rise in emergency readmissions of patients within days of them being discharged.

Critics said it was a scandal that almost 1,500 a day were apparently being released before they are well enough, harming their recovery.

They say the targets put pressure on hospitals to discharge people early to free up beds and have turned the NHS into a ‘revolving door’.

Elderly patients are particularly vulnerable if they are sent home too soon, charities warned. There are also fears hospitals are trying to cash in from being paid twice to treat the same patient.

Yep, you gotta' love that government-run health care!

Here's a stunning admission from The One himself that DemCare inserts a layer of government between you and your doctor:

Gateway Pundit suggests that if the DemCare debate would have been televised on C-SPAN like Obama promised, nothing would have been 'snuck' in. I just think it's refreshing that Obama told the truth about DemCare for a change.

It should be really interesting to see the Dems attempt reconciliation, and the GOP's so-called nuclear response. I just hope the GOP is ready to follow through.

There's my two cents.

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