Friday, January 29, 2010

Fun And Frivolity: He Shoots, He Scores! (No Way!)

Remember when I posted that college prank where an unsuspecting victim supposedly won half a million dollars after making a blindfolded half court shot? The crowd was in on it, and went nuts at just the right moment as if he'd made it...priceless!

Well, a high school right here in KC tried to prank one of their teachers, Joel Branstrom, the same way -- with NCAA Final Four tickets on the line -- but it turned out just a wee bit differently:

Apparently, the teacher (who was also the girls basketball coach) suspected a pie in the face, which is why he held the ball up in front of him for a moment before shooting.

Of course, the students never considered the fact that he might make the shot, so there were no Final Four tickets; in the end, the students felt so guilty that they ended up buying him a gift certificate to a local restaurant. Branstrom was a great sport, however, and was very gracious about the whole thing.

But wait, that's not all...!

As the video hit the Internet and thousands of people saw it, major sports shows picked it up, too. Pretty soon, offers began trickling in from people willing to donate Final Four tickets to reward the prank-gone-wrong. Finally, the NCAA itself got involved and made the offer official - Branstrom, his wife, and his four children were given tickets, lodging, and transportation for the entire weekend.

Kudos to the NCAA for stepping up to the plate for such an amazing feat, and congrats to Coach Branstrom!

Have a great weekend!

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