Monday, January 11, 2010

Link Roundup

Here's the first link roundup of the year, filled with good stuff:

Economic News
The truth about estate taxes
Taxes are more certain than death
The myth of ever-increasing fuel efficiency
Busting soda tax myths
CBO warns Social Security is dying
Clearing up the predatory lending myth
Obama's green jobs plan will do more harm than good

Political Analysis
Huckabee 2012? Not anymore
The importance of being difficult
Obama uses military as a 'photo op'
Community Organizer-In-Chief
Totalitarian sentimentality
What a piece of work
Non-existent 'Tea party' now beats both the Dems and the GOP
The True 'Person of the Year': The American activist
Billionaire America-hater George Soros targets Secretary of State elections
Too many Democrats in Washington
Re-writing history in academia
Teaching kids that compassion for deadly enemies can be deadly
U.N. climate summit leaves huge carbon footprint

Things You Need To Know
Unreal: Obama's Christmas tree contains ornaments of mass murdering Communist, transvestite, and Obama's face on Mt. Rushmore
Obama's 'safe schools czar' endorses homoesexuality to school childen, handed out 'fisting kits' (yes, it is what you think)
More Fistgate and Obama's 'safe school czar': dildoes and needle instructions
More Fistgate and Obama's 'safe school czar': promoting S&M to minors
Update on Rifqa Bary
Sex ideology, not sex education in our schools
The horrible results of abortion lobbying: mother smothers newborn and can't be charged

War on Terror
Are we close to catching Osama bin Laden?
Four Months After Being Released Because He Only Had Three Months To Live Lockerbie Bomber Skips Out On Monitoring
Actually, torture does work... does interrogation
More (non-existent) honor killings

Welcome to the Obama Era, Year 2.

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