Monday, January 18, 2010

Massachusetts Miracle In The Making?

At stake in the Mass. special election for Senate is the 60th vote for or against DemCare. So how are things looking on the day before the election? It depends a great deal on which side of DemCare you're on.

The bottom line is that Republican Scott Brown appears to be cruising to a victory:
Things are not looking good for the Coakley campaign in Massachusetts. Her Republican challenger, Scott Brown, has soared into the lead in most polls. President Obama has stepped in to help the desperate Democrat, telling voters that Martha Coakley’s presence in the Senate is essential for the passage of his health care bill. Liberal commentator Ed Schultz has declared that a Coakley defeat would spell the “end of Hope and Change,” effectively reducing Obama to a lame duck after only one year in office. This would come as welcome news to an increasingly large majority of Americans, but it’s obviously not the ending Obama wanted to write for his “historic” presidency.
Once again, it appears that some of Brown's success is in large part due to the fact that Coakley is so horribly inept, incompetent, and vastly out of touch. She used the World Trade Center in an ad attempting to depict Brown as in bed with big business and to slam American greed. She called Red Sox great Curt Schilling a Yankees fan. As Mass. Attorney General, she went easy on a guy who sexually assaulted his 23-month old niece with a hot curling iron. No one likes her, and few think she's worth voting for. College students are out in droves for Brown. Progressives and unions are aligning behind Brown. Ted Kennedy's son, Patrick Kennedy, didn't even know her name, while big names like Rudy Giuliani are endorsing Brown.

In short, it looks like it's over, unless a major, major surprise hits the ballot box tomorrow.

It is very strange, then, that Barack Obama threw his name into this losing effort personally:

What would possess Obama to do this, when most polls show Brown winning by several points? Is he really that out of touch, or has he perhaps swallowed the myth of his own greatness, and thinks he can pull out the victory?

The bloom is off that rose because not even Obamagic could bring in a half-hearted crowd more than 2,000-2,500 strong, while Brown was across the state speaking to a standing-room-only throng of over 4,000. Whoa!

We'll see how things turn out after the votes are counted. Polls and indicators aren't the same as actual results, so no one knows yet what will happen. If Brown wins, the next battle will commence immediately, as the Dems have promised to do whatever they can to prevent Brown from being certified and officially seated until after DemCare is rammed through. More on that coming soon.

Regardless, if Obama is making this race a referendum on his agenda, he just may have cemented his presidency as truly 'historic' as the man who achieved lame duck status the fastest. If the people of liberal Massachusetts -- which I believe is about 3:1 Democrat -- send Brown to the Senate, especially in a big win, Obama's agenda is shot. Other Dems will see the writing on the wall, and another round of 'retirements' in at-risk seats will commence. Those who sit tight will likely tack to the center, and will be a whole lot less likely to walk the plank on issues like DemCare and cap-n-tax.

Will we see another Massachusetts Miracle tomorrow?

I pray we do.

There's my two cents.

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