Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Method To The Democrats' Plan Economically Insane Madness

Another winner from Dan Mitchell at the Center for Freedom and Prosperity:

The normal cycle for post-war recessions lasts 12 months, and we’re already past 24 months in this cycle. The recovery is bound to occur soon, and Obama knows that Porkulus I won’t be credited for a 2010 revival, especially since most of the money got spent in 2009. If he wants credit for rescuing the economy, Obama needs another bill — and another round of deficit spending
Get ready...it's coming, probably in Barack Obama's first State of the Union speech:
Obama and Congressional democrats tripled the US national deficit in one year. But after the shocker in Massachusetts last week Barack Obama called for a freeze in discretionary spending today… on only 17% of the federal budget.

Barack Obama called for a discretionary spending freeze on
17% of the total federal budget today. The freeze would not include funding for the military, veterans, homeland security, international affairs, Social Security and Medicare.
This is going to get veeeeery ugly...

There's my two cents.

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