Thursday, January 28, 2010

USA Today Furthers The Cause Of Politically Correct Shtoopidity

Oh boy:

Ignorance is not such bliss these days. It's more like bias and get-me-off-this-airplane fear.

In today's headlines we have a new survey showing that most Americans admit knowing nothing about Islam -- but they still dislike it more than any other major faith.

And there's a good reason for that, but let's see what USA Today says first, shall we?  They quote Rachel Zoll of the AP:

Asked about knowledge of Islam, 63% of Americans say they have "very little" or "none at all." A large majority of respondents believe most Muslims want peace. Yet, 53% of Americans say their opinion of the faith is "not too favorable" or "not favorable at all."

Why might that be?  Well, hm, I dunno, could it possibly be something related to the fact that almost every time someone straps a bomb to himself or goes on a maddened killing rampage he's a MUSLIM?!

Nah, just coincidence.  [sticking fingers deeply into ears]  Ponies and rainbows! Ponies and rainbows! Ponies and rainbows! 

What's even more schtoopid than Zoll and USA Today missing the obvious connection here is what they use as their justification for the article's entire premise:

An Orthodox Jewish teen saying traditional prayers and binding himself with boxes containing passages from the Torah so unnerved folks, their New York to Louisville flight was diverted to Philadelphia where the passengers were evacuated and the boy questioned. In an unscientific quick poll, Today in the Sky asked if this was proof of cultural ignorance or a necessary precaution these days -- and that's running close to a tie vote.

A 'unscientific quick poll'?  Is this what passes for evidence in journalism nowadays?  Sadly, it is if it fits the liberal template.

And on a side note...even if this teen was a Jew rather than a Muslim, he should have known better than to do any kind of ritual prayer that involves sticking things to his body in public.  It's one thing to practice religious freedom, but in this day and age of Islamic terrorism -- especially in and around airports and airplanes -- isn't it fairly obvious that this is a brain-dead stupid thing to do?

But back to the main point.  This article is dripping with the kind of politically correct idiocy that is going to get more Americans killed.  I wonder if the author and editor of this article would feel any different if they were sitting next to a young Muslim man the next time they flew on vacation with their families.  I wonder if they would react any differently if that young Muslim man began chanting a loud prayer, then suddenly bolted out of his seat...

Somehow I'm guessing they might (I surely hope so, anyway!).  It's sad that they can't make this leap of logic without being in mortal peril first.  Welcome to the wonderful world of liberalism, where it's all ponies and rainbows all the time.  Until the bombs go off, that is.

There's my two cents.

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