Monday, January 18, 2010

Liberal Meets Buzzsaw

One TV show I've really enjoyed over the past year is called Shark Tank. It's basically a group of five wealthy venture capitalists who give entrepreneurs a chance to pitch their products or ideas. If the 'sharks' like the pitch, they have the opportunity to invest in the company in return for a percentage of the company. In the case of really good pitches, the sharks can even bid against each other for the opportunity.

It is generally not political in nature, but the most recent episode contained one pitch that I just couldn't resist re-posting. Pay special attention to the black gentleman, whose fortune was made in the clothing business. Watch:

So, this liberal enviro-nitwit has a grand idea to save the world by raising awareness through catchy 'green' t-shirts. Fine. Yay for him. But, when the sharks dig into the idea, they discover that he has no legitimate business, his graphics aren't unique, he hasn't done any research, his methodology of branding is ludicrous, his shirts aren't 'green', and they are more expensive than the normal shirts that most people buy. When you boil it all down, he has nothing more than a load of passion for an idea, and yet he still expects someone else to put up a bunch of money to fund it. And, did you notice at the end that he was very pleased with himself because he tried hard? Results be damned, he feels good because he gave it his best effort. If that doesn't encapsulate liberalism, I don't know what does!

This liberal met the buzzsaw of reality, and it tore him up.

Given that this kid is a young version of the 'yes we can' crowd that is currently running the country, I think this gives us a terrific glimpse into why America is having the redistributive and debt issues it's having, don't you agree? If only the White House would invite the sharks over for dinner...maybe they could school The One on the real world, too.

There's my two cents.

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