Thursday, April 15, 2010

Barack Obama, Anti-American President Of America

Way, way back before the election in 2008, I posted this:
I once posted a blog denying Obama's patriotism. As I've watched and studied him over these past months, I've become convinced that he not only has zero patriotism, but that he actually holds the exact opposite principles close to his heart. He isn't just unpatriotic, but he is wholly, completely, and totally disgusted with America. His holy mission is to change it, to fix it, to re-make it in his own vision of what it should be. That vision is very clear: racial divisions and black superiority, economic redistribution on the subjective basis of fairness, oppressive taxation on success and wealth (except his own), and forceful suppression of any dissenting viewpoint.

This is not the kind of change that helps America. It's the kind of change that will destroy it. Even aside from his horrendous policies, his entire philosophy of life, government, and world view is the very same cancer that has been eroding this nation for decades. This guy is bad, bad news, and will usher in a time of economic, social, and cultural disaster that will radically alter America if he is voted into the Oval Office. America will not be destroyed, but America as we know it most certainly will be, and what we'll end up with will be -- at best -- a mere shadow of what we have now.
No, no, I'm not a prophet of any kind, though you might think so from comparing those paragraphs from a year and a half ago to what's happened in the time since then. No, I simply saw Barack Obama for who he was, and understood what his intentions were. If you're a regular reader of this blog, I suspect you did, too.

But too many people back then were wandering around in Hope-n-Changeland, stumbling blindly, drinking deeply of the Kool-Aid. And some of those people gave me some significant trash at the time for calling Obama 'anti-American'. I think it's rather satisfying, then, to see someone else -- a rather high-profile someone, no less -- finally say the same thing:

It's so great being right. Of course, I'd much rather have been wrong on this particular one, but the more Americans put down the Kool-Aid and join us in reality, the sooner we can send this anti-American President and his Democrats stooges into retirement and start repairing the damage they've caused.

There's my two cents.

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