Friday, April 23, 2010

Obama Scolds Americans Who Would Uphold American Law (For The Sake Of Safety)

To me, this has to be awfully close to the top of the list of the most irresponsible actions and words yet on the part of Barack Obama:

Border states have become frustrated beyond all patience with the federal government's inability — and reluctance — to enforce immigration laws.  In Arizona, voters passed a law authorizing local and state police to investigate potential immigration violations, a measure that had overwhelming and bipartisan support in the state.   Instead of acknowledging the failure of several administrations to deal with immigration violations, including his own, Barack Obama lashed out at the state's voters instead — and threatened to pursue civil-rights legal actions against them:

President Barack Obama criticized Arizona's tough immigration bill as irresponsible Friday and said his administration is examining whether it would violate civil rights.

Obama said the federal government must act responsibly to reform national immigration law — or "open the door to irresponsibility by others."

"That includes, for example, the recent efforts in Arizona, which threaten to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and their communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe," Obama said.


Obama instructed the Justice Department to examine the bill to see if it would violate civil rights.

What?!  He's more concerned about the civil rights of non-citizens than about the existing laws of America and the safety of American citizens??  Hot Air points out the blistering irony of the remarks:

Obama made his remarks in front of dozens of people who had just been naturalized after serving in the US armed forces.  Presumably, these new citizens wound up in the Rose Garden because they followed the law in coming to the US.  Instead of supporting compliance with the law, Obama attacked those who would secure the rights of others to immigrate legally by cracking down on those who don't.

Furthermore, the duh factor is pretty high here:

Arizonans didn't pass this law because Congress hasn't enacted comprehensive immigration reform, as Obama insisted at the White House today. They passed this law because the federal government has abdicated its responsibilities to enforce existing immigration law. We don't need a comprehensive immigration reform bill to resolve that — we just need the Department of Homeland Security and Barack Obama to do their jobs.

And that doesn't include fretting over non-existent civil rights of non-citizens.  Last time I checked, the Constitution was silent on that point.

Cassy Fiano piles on, addressing some of the wailing complaints already floating out of the liberal Left:

Arizona is on the brink of passing a tough new immigration law that some are calling racial profiling. The bill would give police the right to arrest anyone they suspect to be an illegal immigrant if they are unable to produce a driver's license or identity papers.

Naturally, this has the liberals and Latino lobbyists in an uproar. Cries of RAAAAACISM!!! are already begininng. Total ignorance of the ongoing, overwhelming crime due to illegal immigrant is, as usual, being ignored.

Over at the Huffington Post Miguel Guadalupe (who identifies himself as a Latino progressive American) calls this a "Gestapo law".

"Show me your papers, are your papers in order?" This phrase was made famous, or rather infamous, by the Gestapo, and will soon be heard throughout the state of Arizona, should their Governor sign into law SB1070, a vague and broad law giving law enforcement the unprecedented power to stop and check the documentation of any individual where "reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien who is unlawfully present in the U.S.."

There are no guidelines as to what "reasonable suspicion" is, but knowing the reality on the ground, it is obvious to all that "reasonable suspicion" means those looking like, sounding like, or acting like general stereotypes of undocumented immigrants coming from Latin America. In short — this is a bill that allows police to suspect all Latinos of being undocumented, and gives them the right to question their status at any time, for any reason.

He bleats on with some more Nazi rhetoric and right-wing bashing, but never once admits to the obvious. Illegal immigration is a crime. And even legal immigrants — non-US citizens — are here only at our pleasure. It's a harsh truth, but no immigrant has a right to be here. Coming here through legal channels means you won't be arrested, but if you come here illegally then you can and should be arrested if you are discovered. Liberals may not like it that Latinos will have to prove they are not here illegally, but I think that what really makes them so angry is the thought of our immigration laws actually being, you know, enforced.

As for the Nazi rhetoric, let's bring Mr. Guadalupe back to reality. In Nazi Germany, the Gestapo was looking for Jews so that they could be shipped to concentration camps and murdered. There's kind of a big difference between the murders of innocent people and the arrest of a criminal, but apparently, Mr. Guadalupe can't comprehend the difference.

She blows apart a number of other embittered accusations and straw men in quite spectacular and humorous fashion, so I'd encourage you to check out the whole thing.  The bottom line is that these are criminals who are sucking the resources out of the state of Arizona (and the country in general), while simultaneously ramping up the violent crime, even to the point of murdering an American rancher for standing up to them.  Mexican drug cartels and other thugs -- and don't forget terrorists, too -- have taken advantage of the porous borders and chronic non-enforcement to make the U.S.-Mexican border a war zone, and the residents of Arizona are sick and tired of our government failing to protect them.  But, the liberal Left is getting its panties in a bunch over the fear of ***GASP*** racial profiling that apparently might offend the Hispanic drug lord/murderer demographic.  Here's Fiano's conclusion:

The violence and crime that have washed over our country due to our open borders and lax immigration policies cannot be dismissed anymore. And if racial profiling is what's needed to stem the bleeding, so to speak, then that is what needs to be done. Liberals like to pretend that they can hold hands with dictators, terrorists, and illegal immigrants alike and sing Kumbaya to make everything all better. Saying over and over again that they're just trying to do jobs that Americans won't do won't stop the crime. The truth is, the amount of crime that has flooded into Arizona has given lawmakers no choice but to take harsher measures to protect Americans. Liberals and lobbyists want to stand in the way of that, making people like the Arizona ranchers further susceptible to become victims of these criminals. They try to stop the effort to stop the flow of crime by making accusations of racism and by marginalizing the amount of criminal activity that has been happening in Arizona.

Arizona lawmakers are responding to what has become a legitimate crisis in Arizona, yet liberals are siding with criminals, drug dealers, murders, and the like. You tell me who is more un-American.

Hm.  Barack Obama is on the same side of this argument as 'criminals, drug dealers, murderers, and the like', to the detriment of honest, law-abiding citizens simply trying to protect their families and property.  Now that's a liberal's liberal!  Hope-n-change, baby!

There's my two cents.


Quite Rightly said...

Considering that Obama was elected president without showing so much as a driver's license, it's no wonder that he considers it outrageous to ask anyone for ID.

2Cents said...

QR - yeah, no kidding. Still, it's typical liberalism. Two sets of rules, you know?