Monday, April 19, 2010

While Rome America Burns...

...Barack Obama golfs:

Remember when Democrats used to criticize George W. Bush for golfing at the wrong time? Maybe there was a crisis somewhere; maybe someone had died in combat; maybe legislation was being debated on the Hill. It didn't matter. Every time Bush golfed, the Democrats woofed. So it is interesting to see that Barack Obama went golfing today rather than attending the funeral of Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife, Maria. This is the 32nd time Obama has golfed since taking office less than a year and a half ago.

Bush? He went golfing 24 times in eight years. If you're counting, that's one-eighth of Obama's rate.

...and stages phony press stunts to make it look like he gives a damn:

Obama traveled to Florida to speak to NASA. Except that he didn't. NASA employees were not allowed to attend the speech. This only became known after it was leaked out during a live segment on MSNBC by Jay Barbree — the longtime NBC science correspondent.
Via Doug Ross:

BARBREE: …I'm a little disturbed right now, Alex. I just found out some very disturbing news. The President came down here in his campaign and told these 15,000 workers here at the Space Center that if they would vote for him, that he would protect their jobs. 9,000 of them are about to lose their job. He is speaking before 200, extra hundred people here today only. It's invitation only. He has not invited a single space worker from this space port to attend. It's only academics and other high officials from outside of the country. Not one of them is invited to hear the President of the United States, on their own space port, speak today. Back to you Alex.

I guess that's why most Americans believe he doesn't deserve a second term.

There's my two cents.

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