Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The Obama budget plan: taxes and rationing
Missouri attempts the impossible: downsizing government!  Sounds too good to be true...
Take the painkiller and go home
The Obama education agenda takes shape (hint: it involves redistribution of wealth and a whole lot less parental involvement)
Democrats at the edge of a cliff
Billy Graham's son is too Christian for Barack Obama's army
Liberals and the violence card
Iran's diplomatic rope-a-dope strategy
Dems turn another funeral -- this one for a coal miner -- into an Obama rally (right before introducing legislation to destroy the coal industry)
Republicans, citing past Democratic promises, question Democrats' credibility on Wall Street reform (it's about damned time!)
Is a primary challenge to Obama unthinkable? (hint: it's a very long shot...but no, it's not)
2nd SEAL found not guilty!
Now it's really, really official, and even left-leaning economists agree:
Obama's stimulus did zilch
Bank bill stalled by GOP...for now (but it's clear that at least one Senator has been bought outright)

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