Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How's That Self-Neutering Thing Working Out As A Nuclear Deterrent?

Obama seems to think that by disarming America first, both our allies and our enemies will follow right along because of our awesomely awesome example.  What do our allies think of this plan?  I'll give you three guesses (but none of them count because they're all unnecessary):

France will not give up nuclear weapons because doing so would "jeopardise" its security, President Nicolas Sarkozy said this morning as global leaders gathered for a summit on nuclear security.

"I cannot jeopardise the security and safety of my country," Sarkozy told CBS News here hours before US President Barack Obama opened the landmark summit of 47 nations in Washington.

The French leader said he could not abandon his nation's nuclear weapons programme "on a unilateral basis in a world as dangerous as the one in which we live today".

Oops.  Clearly, Sarkozy didn't get the memo about Hope-n-change.  Can we agree that it's supremely instructive that if France (which gets intimidated any time Germany looks mean in their direction) thinks it's a dangerous world that requires nuclear weapons as a deterrent, maybe America (a favorite target of both rhetoric and genuine attacks) should think so, too?  Just a crazy thought from a crazy conservative.

Now, what about our enemies?  Hm,
let's see (emphasis mine):

As noted, the Obama administration's Nuclear Posture Review offered a carrot to North Korea (DPRK) to give up its nuclear ambitions and rejoin the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The plan, as explained by James Millar, deputy undersecretary of defense, was "to encourage North Korea to...desire to be one of those states that are compliant with their nuclear nonproliferation obligations."

It did not take North Korea long to respond. Surprise of surprises: They don't believe a word the Obama administration is saying. And surprise of surprises, as "reporting" by the state run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) makes plain, they are not going to be persuaded to give up the nuclear ace they have as their hole card. If anything, they will redouble their efforts to build a nuclear force: 

As long as the U.S. nuclear threat persists, the DPRK will increase and update various type nuclear weapons as its deterrent in such a manner as it deems necessary in the days ahead. 

The DPRK is fully capable of doing so. It is the U.S. that gives the former ground and justification to do so.

Well, isn't that interesting?  Obama is in the process of disarming America in the hopes that these regimes will follow out of the kindness of their hearts.  In a rather direct response, North Korea flips Obama the finger.  I'm sure that Iran will play ball, though.  Oh yes, this pacifism from the Obama administration will undoubtedly reign in that religiously brainwashed suicidal society.  They're pretty much compliant already, you know.

Is this the greatest foreign policy ever, or what?

There's my two cents.

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