Friday, April 23, 2010

Mish-Mash Roundup

Once again, I've collected a big bunch of stuff that really deserves more than a simple link, but not quite an entire post.  This is all great stuff.  Enjoy!

Iranian missiles could reach U.S. in just 5 years
While the Obama administration is simultaneously dismantling our nuclear arsenal (which has provided an effective deterrent against attacks for over half a century) and killing our proven and operational missile defense systems, Iran continues to improve both their nuclear program and their missile delivery systems.  They're likely to have nukes in the next year, and the missiles to deliver them onto our soil in just 5 years.  Obama's policies are so grossly incompetent and inadequate that I can't come to any other conclusion than that he'll be single-handedly responsible for thousands of American deaths in the next few years.  I really, really hope I'm wrong on this!  In the meantime, the Obama administration is scurrying around trying to explain why it has no coherent Iran strategy.

Census boondoggle(s)
Wow, where to begin?  In recent weeks, we've seen admissions of corruption from census workers, useless wastes of money, multiple forms being sent to some households (and they're not households with white middle-class folks, either), and -- amazingly, incredibly -- demands for illegals to work on the census.  This is just about the most blindingly obvious example of how incompetent, corrupt, and wasteful our federal government has become.  Too bad it's going to determine so many critically important things for the next decade.

The Goldman Sachs mess
Wow, this one is just huge, but it just doesn't really inspire me, so I don't want to do a whole post on it.  The nutshell is that the Obama administration is trying to cement its takeover of the financial industry (see the bailout reference above), and is using Goldman Sachs to try to do it.  This is one of the biggest and most politically-connected (with millions in donations to Dems) firms on Wall Street, and a bunch of Treasury officials are former GSers.  To try to strong-arm this 'reform' bill into law, the Obama administration is doing what it's always done: generate a crisis to mislead the American public into playing along.  It's amazing that at the very time when the Senate takes up the 'reform' bill, GS comes out and admits what appears to be some improper dealings, thus allowing Obama and Congress to point the finger and caterwaul about how necessary this 'reform' is to 'reign in Wall Street'.  The SEC sued GS, but the suit is so flimsy that it makes wet noodles look like titanium.  For the price of a small bit of bad press and a tiny fine, GS becomes a very favored firm, and will reap substantial rewards in the future.  Oh, and no Democrat is returning any of the money GS employees have donated.  Hope!  Change!  The GOP is calling for more investigation, but since the Dems control Congress, it's likely to go precisely nowhere.  [links here, here, here, here, here, here, here]

Navy SEAL not guilty!
I blogged about this a while back - a group of Navy SEALs successfully captured a terrorist leader who had tortured, burned, and murdered some American security contractors and left their bodies hanging on a bridge in Iraq.  In an alternate universe sort of way, these SEALs were accused of abuse because they gave the terrorist a bloody nose and a couple bruises during the capture.  A military jury has now cleared one of those SEALs of any wrongdoing.  I trust the others will be found not guilty, as well.  Still, it astounds me that our own elite soldiers would be put on trial in a foreign country for giving a captured terrorist a bloody nose (during the capture), while at the same time our government hands out undeserved protections and a domestic trial for those very same murdering terrorists.  There is something fundamentally wrong with anyone who thinks that's justice.

Netanyahu tells Obama to go away
As a part of Obama's crusade to alienate our long-time ally Israel, he has repeatedly demanded that the Israeli government stop construction in Jerusalem.  Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu just announced that this construction would continue without interruption.  Good for him!  Hot Air summarizes it this way:

Netanyahu just taught Obama a lesson, which is that a nation that has been surrounded by terrorists and other enemies for decades isn't going to be intimidated by an Ivory Tower academic, even if he sits in the Oval Office.  After Obama's shameful treatment of Netanyahu on his visit to Washington DC, he could hardly have expected any better response.  Instead of cowing Netanyahu into submission, Obama has alienated him — and as a side effect, made Netanyahu more popular at home because of it.

I fear the rift opening between the U.S. and Israel will only get wider, and it's going to be largely because of Obama's anti-Israeli policies and actions.  God help us...

Lies, deception, and fingers crossed that you're as gullible as they think you are
This week the CEO of GM paid a visit to KC.  At a speech to the big GM plant here in town, one of his claims was that GM had 'paid back' all of the bailout money that it had taken because of improved car sales.  The national headlines dutifully followed the storyline, pushing the narrative that GM was now in the clear and humming right along.  This is, however, completely false.  In reality, GM has 'paid back' about $8 billion of bailout money by tapping into a different pool of bailout money: TARP.  GM hasn't actually paid back anything, it's merely shuffled money from one U.S. Treasury-controlled bailout account to another U.S. Treasury-controlled bailout account.  They still owe tens of billions of dollars to U.S. taxpayers.  And yes, you are correct if you are remembering that TARP was supposed to be for banks.

How are you liking the Hope-n-change, now that we're seeing it becoming reality on so many fronts?

There's my two cents.

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