Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Great Linkage

The new currency is OBEDIENCE
Obama's generosity isn't quite as generous as the eeeeevil Bushitler's was...
...but Biden's is even worse (almost non-existent, actually)
Inviting war against America
The latest human 'right': tourism!  Are we really surprised?  I mean, if we stop relying on the actual rights granted and defined in the Constitution, and their origin (the Creator), then where does it stop?  I doubt tourism will be the last 'right' we see in the coming months and years.
Unemployment charts: a perspective
Has the mainstream media finally awakened to how Obama abuses them?  Ha!  No, I think it's more a matter of jilted lover's syndrome.  Still, it's funny to watch the convulsions.
You can't make this stuff up: high-profile Democrat demands a government intervention on a problem caused by government interventions
Tea Parties are dangerous? Let's compare the Tea Party arrest records to Leftist protest arrest records, shall we?
Dems fall into (and violate) their own PAYGO trap
The shortest (and most brilliant, if you ask me) column ever on Wall Street regulations:
If you screw up, we don't bail you out. Then you go bankrupt. Next, smaller more efficient entities suck up the customers who still need your services. Congratulations… you've been regulated.
The Illinois spiral, and how taxes actually work in real life
Completely unshocking, but potentially devastating to Dems in November: only 1 in 5 Americans trusts Washington
Arizona passes tough illegal immigration bill
Barack Obama unilaterally dictates to all hospitals who gets to visit their patients
Bordering on fraud
The economy is Obama's biggest task (and failure, I'd add)
The Two Obamas

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