Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another Terrorist Attack On U.S. Soil

One Islamic terrorist attempted to ring in the Christian holiday with mid-air explosions:

Yesterday, Jasper Schuringa, a video director and producer from Amsterdam, told CNN how he helped the cabin crew to subdue Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the 23-year-old who reportedly ignited a small explosive device on board the plane Friday as it prepared to land in Detroit.
The New York Daily News reported:

Schuringa said he heard a sound that reminded him of a firecracker and someone yelling, “Fire! Fire!”

He saw Abdulmutallab’s pants open and he was holding a burning object between his legs.

“I pulled the object from him and tried to extinguish the fire with my hands and threw it away,” Schuringa said.

He said he then screamed for water and pulled Abdulmutallab out of his seat and dragged him to the front of the plane.

This happened within hours of Dem Rep. John Murtha's claim that Al Qaeda was no longer a danger to America. Funny thing about that, huh?

Anyway, in a decisive and powerful response to this latest attack on American soil (the 28th foiled attack since 9/11)...the Obama administration did nothing for three days. Then they re-enacted the very same quote-between-golf-shots statement that Michael Moore famously panned George W. Bush for several years ago.

Then they decided to implement a new policy that forces all passengers to stay in their seats for the last hour of every flight. You know, it'll work very similar to how liberals insist on the idea that preventing law-abiding Americans from owning their own guns means that criminals won't continue to pursue their nefarious schemes. Liberal stupidity at its finest, in other words, that will likely lead to more lives lost.

They also ignored the fact that it was an Al Qaeda operative who did it, and even more festive, the whole operation was planned by Al Qaeda operatives who were formerly held at Gitmo, currently operating out of Yemen. Can we now agree that it is a really, really bad idea to put the court system in charge of national security policy? But you knew that already. Everyone outside of Washington knows that.

The Obama administration is comically reversing itself all over the place on whether or not the 'system worked'. At least, it would be comical except for the fact that 300 or so Americans came within minutes of losing their lives. Ah, those lovely and tolerant liberal policies!

And, by the way, they are also refusing to interrogate the terrorist, make him uncomfortable, or take away his underwear. He is reportedly safe and tidy in a hospital, though he is rather sad and nursing some guilt over his sexual urges. Aw shucks, that makes it all okay, doesn't it? He has also reportedly warned that there are many more like him coming to America. Wow, with all that liberal cracking down, it's hard to imagine how they could possibly succeed, isn't it?

Depressingly, the State Department had at least two chances to connect the dots and stop this guy before he got on the plane, but failed to do so until the terrorist's neighbor noticed the open flame coming out of his pants (and not the kind like Bill Clinton or Tiger Woods has).

Makes you feel safe, doesn't it?

All this points to a dangerously absent President. Heritage lays out the case using just the events of the past couple days:
What you did not hear between this attempted attack on our nation and 3:00 pm EST today, was President Obama’s voice. Over 72 hours; almost three days later.

During this time period, the world also witnessed something equally distressing. Thousands of Iranians took to the streets demanding a regime-change in their own country. Of course, the current Iranian regime is not only trying to fast track its way towards a nuclear weapon, but also is the major benefactor of the attacks our troops face in neighboring Iraq and Afghanistan. This is a brutal regime with no regards for the safety of its own people, yet alone ours. Freedom fighters are dying in the streets hearing the sounds of gunfire, tear gas and chaos. What they have not heard is the sound of President Obama’s voice. Not until 3:00 pm today, and even then, it was just a whisper.

And what was the President doing since Friday morning? He played a round of golf. He went to the gym. He played a game of basketball. He went to the beach. He went out to dinner with friends. He picked up a new game, tennis. All very acceptable and time-consuming pursuits on an event-free vacation. Nobody begrudges a young father spending time with his family over the holidays.

But the Office of the President bears some extra responsibility and yes, burden. As former White House Deputy Press Secretary Scott Stanzel astutely points out, this was a president who was woken from sleep at 6:00 am to learn he had won the Nobel Peace Prize but wasn’t even informed of this attack on our homeland for over two hours. And if anyone knows the President’s priorities, it is his closest advisors.

Sure, everyone needs a vacation. But as President, you don't ever really get 'time off' like the rest of us do. Obama delayed his vacation in order to offer moral support to shaky Dems passing DemCare into committee (not even signing it into law, mind you), but he can't be bothered with supporting the cause of freedom around the world when the people of one of our greatest enemies are trying to rise up and overthrow that enemy from within.

This absenteeism, among many reasons, is why the greatest danger to America is our very own President.

There's my two cents.

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