Thursday, December 10, 2009

Obama's Craziest Aide Is...?

***Content Warning! This post contains some very sexually explicit subjects, so if you'll be offended by that, don't read on.***

Though the pool of possibilities is huge, it's possible that Barack Obama's craziest aide is the 'safe schools czar', Kevin Jennings.

To recap, here's what we already knew about Jennings:
Obama's Safe Schools Czar; wants to implement pro-gay curriculum for Kindergarteners, supports the North American Man/Boy Love Association, wrote the foreword for a book on pedophilia, defended the murder of someone in the name of standing up for gays, funded pornographic anti-Christian art displayed at Harvard, and is attacking the Boy Scouts of America and covering up the statutory rape of a minor
Then we learned this:
Now we've learned some more wonderful details:
- he once promoted 'fisting' to 14-year old students
- he once asked 14-year old students if it was 'rude' to spit or swallow during oral sex
But now we're learning that -- as unbelievable as it may be -- it just gets even more vulgar:

But that’s not all. The children who attended Kevin Jennnings’ GLSEN 2005 Conference also left with their own “Little Black Book – Queer in the 21st Century”.

This book exposes the young teens to–
Rimming – Fisting – Water Sports (Pi$$ Play) – Toys
It’s what every teen needs to know…

fistgate pamphlet

The page titled “How safe is dat?” introduces young teens to fisting, rimming, and watersports (pi$$ing on your partner). Shouldn’t every teen know this?

The booklet also included a list of local gay bars, apparently just in case these teens wanted to voluntarily go looking for pedophiles:
“For years, GLSEN has claimed to protect ‘at-risk’ kids. But they are now helping put young teenage boys at risk by uncritically passing out a gay guide that hawks anonymous sex clubs and ‘leather’ bars in Chicago,” he said. “This fits into a pattern of GLSEN failing to shield its young followers from a homosexual male sexual culture that not only tolerates, but often celebrates promiscuity.”
How is this guy still holding a senior White House position, much less the 'safe schools czar' position?!

The legacy media is doing its best to ignore this, but bloggers and the new media have not let it drop. Finally, the story is starting to percolate its way into the larger scope with the Washington Times and Fox's Hannity show:

This guy is filthy. It's debatable whether he should be walking around out of prison, much less dictating sex education policies for school children! He's not only despicable, but any moron can see how he might present a danger to our nation's school children. Feel like contacting the White House about this guy? Here's the contact info. Here's a list of advertisers and companies who fund GLSEN and their contact information, if you want to know who supports this filth.

Barack Obama knew all about this when he appointed Jennings to the position. And yet...Jennings is still in that position, isn't he? What must that say about our President's views on the subject?

There's my two cents.

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