Friday, December 18, 2009

Bursty Stuff

Below are some quickie bursts that are worth pointing out for your information.

As if the previous stuff we've learned about Barack Obama's 'safe school czar' wasn't bad enough, it gets still worse: now we learn that Kevin Jennings has recommended a book that romanticizes the rape of a 13-year old girl, another that endorses gay sex between first graders, and other books for kids with images of men having sex while boy scouts watch. Nice.

Congress focuses on priorities
College football and TV audio on commercials, that is. Isn't it great to know that Congress only takes on serious issues that are really, really important?

Muslims move in
Um...does it concern anyone else that a mysterious Muslim group with unknown sponsors has purchased the building right next to Ground Zero for a mosque?

Dems kill scholarships for poor students in DC
The omnibus bill that Congress just passed contained a provision that removed funding for scholarships for poor kids in Washington DC. What's that about standing up for the underprivileged, the poor, and the little guy?

Teleprompters for Obama!
Yep, it's true - since Barack Obama took office, the teleprompter industry has seen a huge boom in business. Of course, there's also the danger of a backlash against using teleprompters...

More bowing
Gateway Pundit:
Barack Obama flew Air Force One through a blizzard to join the junk scientists in Copenhagen today and save the world. After delivering his listless speech and promising rainbows and unicorn rides the president left the stage and bowed to some green delegate in the crowd. He couldn’t help himself.

And so it goes...

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