Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How Typical: Obama Vs. Obama

Barack Obama often chastises his political adversaries for frightening the American people.  Oddly enough, he doesn't seem to take his own advice.  In fact, he's done nothing but stoke crisis after crisis since he's taken office.  He was doing it in January...

"These urgent dangers to our national and economic security are compounded by the long-term threat of climate change, which, if left unchecked, could result in violent conflict, terrible storms, shrinking coastlines, and irreversible catastrophe." (The Washington Post, 1/29/2009)

...and he was still doing it in September...

"Everyone in this room knows what will happen if we do nothing.  Our deficit will grow.  More families will go bankrupt.  More businesses will close.  More Americans will lose their coverage when they are sick and need it the most.  And more will die as a result."  (Remarks to a Joint Session of Congress on health care, 9/9/2009)

Oh, and don't forget that he was doing it everywhere in between:

President Obama: "Economists from across the spectrum have warned that if we don't act immediately, millions of more jobs will be lost.  The national unemployment rates will approach double digits not just here in Elkhart, all across the country.  More people will lose their homes and their health care.  And our nation will sink into a crisis that at some point we may be unable to reverse." (Elkhart, Indiana Town Hall, 2/9/2009)

"…millions of people have had their lives profoundly disrupted by developments in the financial system, most severely in our recent crisis. These aren't just numbers on a ledger. This is a child's chance to get an education. This is a family's ability to pay their bills or stay in their homes. This is the right of our seniors to retire with dignity and security and respect. These are American dreams, and we should not accept a system that consistently puts them in danger." (Remarks by the President, 5/17/2009)


I think Ed Morrissey at Hot Air is correct when he says, "...and let's not forget about the Tonsil Vultures and Foot Rustlers in the American health-care system, too, or the sky-is-falling hysteria driving Obama's top two legislative priorities.  Obama can't afford to live without the politics of fear.  It's the entire basis of his agenda."


There's my two cents.

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