Friday, December 18, 2009

Fun & Frivolity: It's Football Post-Season Time!

Ah, December! That magical time of year when we get to see a showcase barrage of the best football in game after game after game of scintillating athletic talent. Truly nothing beats it.

Of course, for college football lovers like me, this is probably going to be a bit of a dull year. The lower tier bowls have propagated like jackrabbits, and there are a ton of .500 or barely over .500 teams playing in them. Most won't be worth watching, unless your particular team is participating. Even the BCS system looks to be a bit disappointing, with the most fascinating subplot being buried by the cowardly BCS (putting the two non-BCS conference teams against each other, thus eliminating the possibility of actually determining if they were better than the 'big boys'). But, I'm sure some of these games will provide tremendous entertainment and excitement - it's just that kind of sport.

The NFL, on the other hand, always delivers, and this year there are still (as of now) two undefeated teams hoping to make history. I'd love to see a Colts-Saints clash of the titans, especially since the Colts are now officially my second favorite team (I had to pick someone decent to follow...the Chiefs are depressingly hopeless right now).

Anyway, it's post-season football time, and that means it's time to tip the hat to some real men of sports genius:

Have a great weekend!

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