Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Proof Of Obama's Big Government Desires

As if we needed any more proof, but here it is anyway, courtesy of Stephen Spruiell:

Government Jobs Have Overtaken Goods-Producing Jobs [Stephen Spruiell]

Goods-producing jobs — the blue line — include construction, manufacturing, mining and agriculture:


Of course, the goods-producing sectors have achieved large leaps in productivity (increasing output with fewer workers) over the same time frame. We don't have good statistics on public-sector productivity, but the federal government certainly doesn't seem to be doing more with less.

For whatever handful of jobs Obama can legitimately claim he 'created', the vast majority of those few will be government jobs. The problem with that, of course, is that government jobs generally produce only paperwork, regulation, or headaches for citizens. Nothing that provides a good or service, and certainly nothing that creates wealth for anyone.


There's my two cents.

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