Thursday, July 23, 2009

Astounding Audacity

Wow, the guy is just shameless:

[Cue the circus music...enter the clowns...clanging cymbals...]

Ahem. Why is he suddenly trying to make his spending binge a bipartisan thing? Well, as we on the conservative Right have been saying for months, it's because he knows it will eventually catch up with him. This kind of spending and debt is utterly unsustainable, and the negative effects are going to start being felt, especially as unemployment numbers rise and taxes and inflation follow. The one thing he can't afford to do is allow the truth of these disastrous policies to come out because it would virtually guarantee mass Democrat 'retirements' in 2010. So, he lies about the 'bipartisan' nature of this spending.

A brief reminder:
I think our politicians believe that we have a very short memory. They think they can get away with whatever is politically expedient because the voters will forget about it before the next election. Well, not anymore. When the 2010 election rolls around, check back here to refresh your memory on exactly who voted for these disastrous economic policies, and send them home. If you hate what Congress is doing, the only way to change their course is to vote the bad ones out.

Don't forget. should also be noted that out of all 15 votes [at the link], from a combined total of almost 3,800 votes cast, 89% of the 'yes' votes were from Democrats. TARP was the only truly bipartisan measure, and that's because panic was driving all the lemmings over the cliff. Once Congressional heads cooled a bit, the Republicans found their spine and some fiscal responsibility. So, if you remove TARP from the picture, the number of Democrat yes votes jumps to 97%. Of the 12 non-TARP votes, six of them had literally zero Republican support. Why do I point this out?

This debacle belongs to Obama and the Democrats.

This is just silly, and the GOP needs to be all over it. I hope we see John Boehner out there tomorrow, demanding the President identify which Republicans 'helped get us into this fiscal hole'. It's indefensible, it's patently false, and it's soooooo easily disproved.

This is a platinum-plated opportunity for the GOP to reveal Obama as the lying hack he is.

There's my two cents.

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