Monday, July 20, 2009

Fight The Hate Crimes Thought Police Bill!

I got the following e-mail late last week from the Liberty Counsel, and thought it was something you should know about:
Late Thursday night, the Senate voted 63-28 to end discussion on 2009's version of the Hate Crimes bill and to make it an amendment to the Defense Authorization bill.

Just as we've been warning, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid found a way to abuse the rules and prevent an honest vote!

I am outraged by this blatant manipulation and I am not alone. While Reid crowed about his great "victory," John McCain and other Senators bitterly protested the underhanded way he attached the Hate Crimes bill to vital defense funding authorization.

"While we have young Americans fighting and dying in two wars, we're going to take up a Hate Crimes bill that has nothing to do whatsoever with defending this nation...,"McCain complained.

Meanwhile, all seven Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee went on record to say their committee never even got a chance to review the bill - a blatant departure from proper procedure.

The reason for all this subterfuge? Reid strong-armed the system and by-passed a fair and open debate in order to deliver a political prize to homosexual interest groups - pure and simple!!

Harry Reid has stooped to a new low as Majority Leader Senators are now being forced to make a choice between approving a vital defense spending bill and voting against the dangerous, unneeded Hate Crimes amendment.

And Reid cynically used the cover of Sonia Sotomayor's Supreme Court confirmation hearings in hopes that grassroots Americans like you would not take notice!

We have one last chance to protest this travesty. The sneaky late-night cloture vote was designed to silence our voice in this battle. But today, Friday, is a "no-vote" day in the Senate. And the earliest the Defense Authorization bill and its Hate Crimes amendment can come to a vote is Monday.

I know it's a long shot, but there could still be some Democratic defections, especially if they "feel the heat." And there are still some technicalities in the bill that could cause more delays before a final vote can take place.

Even if the Senate's Defense Authorization bill passes along with its Hate Crimes amendment, it still has to be reconciled with the House version. So, the battle is not completely over yet!

We need to be heard up until the last possible minute! And we must not allow Reid and his crowd to think no one noticed what they've been doing.

Also, please take time today to pray that God will cause the tide to turn against the Hate Crimes Law. All things are possible to the wondrous God we serve.

Brandon, we have had a major impact in this battle. Now, Harry Reid and his operatives are hoping they can get off the stage before the rotten tomatoes start flying.

Many courageous conservative Senators don't want them to get away with this outrage. I don't either.
This is the thought crimes bill we've talked about off and on over the past few months. The LC suggests three things to say to your Senators:
1. I am very disappointed that the Senate fast-tracked the Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 (S. 909) by attaching it as an amendment to the Defense Authorization Act.

2. This Hate Crimes legislation is so controversial that it should have been considered as a stand-alone bill, not rushed as an amendment. It wasn't even reviewed by the Senate Judiciary Committee!

3. I oppose the Hate Crimes Prevention Act and urge you to oppose it as well. It is an attack on faith and family while granting special rights based on "sexual orientation"
and "gender identity," terms which are not even clearly defined in the bill.
Call it in. Any attempt to control people's thoughts is a bad, bad thing, and that should be obvious to anyone...even Senators.

There's my two cents.

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