Friday, July 24, 2009

It's About The Jobs, Stupid!

Here's what I mean when I say the GOP may finally be getting a clue and ready to do some fighting:

Not only that, but the GOP also took on the President's ridiculous assertion that he has recovered the economy:

Nicely done! It's about damned time.

Some other indicators that are good news to the Right include some new information on a lot of the recent polls. First, that Obama the Dems are overreaching:

USA Today/Gallup poll shows that 59% of Americans say President Obama’s proposals to address the major problems facing the country call for too much government spending, and 52% say Obama’s proposals call for too much expansion of government power.


It is not surprising to find that Republicans are close to unanimity in their views on these issues, with 90% saying Obama’s proposals involve too much spending and 83% saying they involve too much expansion of government power. Of more concern to the Obama administration, perhaps, is the finding that clear majorities of 66% and 60% of independents, respectively, say Obama’s proposals involve too much spending and too much government expansion.

Also of note is the fact that these poor numbers are happening simultaneously with a high personal approval, and that's not going to help a bunch of Congressional Democrats who know they'll need more than a popular President to overcome a load of their own unpopular issues in 2010.

Another article reveals a major flaw in the polls that are showing these bad signs for Obama. Karl Rove in the WSJ (via RedState):

Polls are turning against President Barack Obama’s health-care plan. The political calendar is, too.

On Monday, the Washington Post/ABC poll reported that 49% of Americans approve of his handling of health care while 44% disapprove. What many people missed is that those who strongly disapprove of the president’s approach on health care now outnumber those who strongly approve by 33% to 25%. That presages further decline. Already, 49% of independents disapprove of the president’s approach, up from 30% in April, a staggering shift in 11 weeks.

Mr. Obama is also slipping on the economy. Those who strongly disapprove now outnumber those who strongly approve of his handling of the economy (35% to 29%), of deficits (38% to 19%), and of unemployment (31% to 26%). On Tuesday, Gallup showed Mr. Obama’s personal approval was 55%, down from more than 60% a few weeks ago and lower than the 56% George W. Bush had at this point in his first term.

RedState reveals the money point:

What is the most interesting about these polls is that they poll “adults” NOT likely voters.

The only major pollster who is polling LIKELY VOTERS, Rasmussen, has Obamacare spiraling in for the fatal inverted tail spin.

Republicans, according to Rasmussen’s LIKELY VOTERS poll, have taken a four point lead in the generic Congressional ballot.

And Rasmussen’s LIKELY VOTER polling puts voters at 53% opposed to Obamacare.

Spin-spin-spin is becoming tailspin-tailspin-tailspin.

Cool. Let's help it go down fast and hard. It's only when Obama's policies fail that the jobs will start coming back in full.

There's my two cents.

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