Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Serious Anger From Serious People

A few days ago, Missouri Senator Claire-Bear McCaskill held a town hall meeting to rub shoulders with some of her constituents. Unfortunately, she was a little too busy -- translation: cowardly -- to make it to the town hall meeting, and sent one of her minions instead. The poor thing was completely unprepared for what happened. For starters, they had to move the gathering at the last minute because several hundred people -- some estimates were as high as 1,000! -- unexpectedly showed up. Then, when they finally got started, they screwed up and mentioned that the purpose of the gathering was to hear from people who were opposed to Obamacare. Notice the riotous applause:

Keep watching - this video goes long past the initial 9 minutes, and you can see lots of terrific comments and questions from these citizens. This is a brilliant display of involvement and intelligence from middle America, and should be emulated all over the country.

What's interesting is that these Democrats don't seem to understand that the American people are pi$$ed about what they are doing to this nation. They keep getting shocked by citizens who know more than they do about these bills and have far more fire about it. As such, they're caught off guard and flat-footed. If you don't have the time to watch the whole thing (which you really should do), below are some other good video clips:

But it's more than just Obamacare, it's a systemic disconnect between Washington and the rest of the country, and it covers many issues. For example, cap-and-trade...

This is the kind of person who blindly, unthinkingly supports Obama without realizing what that support actually means (h/t Gateway Pundit):
Local blogger Sharp Elbows attended the McCaskill town hall meeting last night at Forest Park Community College in St. Louis. There were several young pro-cap and trade protesters who also infiltrated the event although they were largely ignored and hugely outnumbered by the greassroots Tea Party protesters.
First, the reference in question:

Now for the Obots:

That's a lot of cluelessness. More videos at Sharp Elbows here.

And how about this soldier who took Congress to task for failing to defend the Constitution:

Finally, back to health care. This was apparently one of the most powerful moments of the event:

I'd love to see Claire-Bear's responses to this, but somehow I'm guessing we won't be hearing much from her. Regardless, it's good to see this kind of fire in the people of America. If this happens all over the country, we should be in good shape in 2010, as there will be mass retirements from Congress.

If you are getting discouraged about Obamacare, and wonder if you're the only one who opposes it, go back up to the first video above and watch the whole thing. It's inspiring and uplifting to see just how engaged and fired up these people are.

I'll have more on Obamacare in the next day or looks like there are some conflicting reports about a potential deal in the Senate, and the vote in the House. Stay tuned.

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