Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Help Me, I'm Meltiiiiiiing...!

The Obamessiah's approval numbers keep getting worse:

54% - 37%, and Gallup runs on the high side of approval rates for Obama, as they poll adults.

Support among independents down to 51%. Hispanics still strongly support him, but his support there is falling like it is with everyone else; down 9 points since the end of June, from 81% to 72%.

Zogby found a few days ago his approval was down to 48%, with a majority of 51% disapproving. Asked specifically about his job performance, Obama fares a bit worse: 47% positive, 53% negative.

Rasmussen's new track shows it all knotted up 49% to 49%. Obama has gotten a small positive boost in his "strongly approve" rating the last few days -- probably thanks to his most liberal and race-conscious supports rallying around him, beset, as he is, but Republicans, who apparently control Congress now -- but his "strongly disapprove" also creeped up by almost as much. The odd "Presidential Approval Index" improved to -8 from -10.


Obama is now seen as politically liberal by 76%. That's up six points from a month ago, 11 points since he was elected, and the highest total to date. Forty-eight percent (48%) now see him as Very Liberal, up 20 points since he was elected (Premium Members can see trends and crosstabs).

48% see him as Very Liberal. That's not good for a national candidate.

Rasmussen also finds that 54% blame Bush for the economic decline. This may seem like good news for Obama, but it's actually not -- this is one of the key statistics propping him up at even his current weak levels, and this number is doomed to erode month by month.

This is war, and America is the prize.  It's time to hit the accelerator.

There's my two cents.

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