Friday, July 17, 2009

The Gaffe Machine's On Top Of His Game

Joe 'Gaffe Machine' Biden somehow escaped his Cone of Silence and laid down a whopper or two this week while campaigning for raising support for begging for support for the stimulus plan in Virginia:

That's right, folks, you heard it from The Sheriff himself! Clearly, the best way to avoid bankruptcy is to spend as much money as you can. Duh! Patterico offers a plausible justification:
Maybe there’s a method to Biden’s madness. He could be trying to make Sonia Sotomayor look intelligent and well-spoken.
Could be. Still, the laughs don't stop there. Biden took aim at Rep. Eric Cantor, likely in retaliation for Cantor's outstanding attack on the stimulus plan earlier in the week. Biden really unleashed the firepower, drawing a whole 140 people to his event, and most of them were really stoked about the Hope-n-Change in the air.

For the coup de grace, Biden let it all hang out:

“To those who say that our economic decisions ‘have not produced jobs, have not produced prosperity, and simply have not worked’ I say, take a look around,” Biden will say, according to prepared remarks obtained by The Washington Post.

“I say, ‘Don’t let your opposition to the Recovery Act blind you to its results,’” Biden plans to say in the Richmond speech. “‘Come see what I see everywhere I go: workers rehired, factories reopened, cops on the street, teachers in the classroom, progress toward getting our economy back on the move.’”

Hot Air provides the obvious rebuttals:

Is that what Biden sees wherever he goes? Because this is what the Bureau of Labor Statistics has seen thus far in 2009. As we can tell from the seasonally adjusted unemployment levels, Americans see a much different picture than Biden:

  • January - 11,616,000 unemployed
  • February - 12,467,000
  • March - 13,161,000
  • April - 13,724,000
  • May - 14,511,000
  • June - 14,729,000

Maybe he’d do better in New Hampshire with his vision of America getting back to work. They got $416 million in Porkulus funds, which created a whopping 50 jobs — 34 of them full-time.

Meanwhile, exactly what prosperity has Porkulus created? Did we have an economic recovery yesterday that the media missed? Are people once again flush with cash?

It's that sidekick just gotta' love it!

There's my two cents.

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