Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Update: Brace Yourself For More High Unemployment

To anyone with a quarter of a working brain, this is as unsurprising as the fact that gravity still works day in and day out...but for liberals, this will probably be quite a rude intrusion into the Kool-Aid haze:

Thanks Barack.

The US unemployment rate has nearly doubled under the Obama-Pelosi regime compared to the Bush or Clinton years. It is expected to surge above 10% again in the next few months.
The Hill

Unemployment is likely to surge above 10 percent during the next few months as millions of “missing” workers return to the labor market.

This will pose a huge challenge for the Obama administration and congressional Democrats, who want to run in 2010 on the back of a strengthening economy.

Economist Mark Zandi expects the unemployment rate to float above 10 percent during the next few months as workers look to take advantage of improving opportunities.

“The increase in unemployment is a sign of a stronger job market, but it is also a sign of how weak the job market still is and vulnerable the recovery is to anything that might go wrong,” Zandi wrote in an e-mail to The Hill.

Then again, for liberals still under the sway of hope-n-change Kool-Aid, I don't think anything will actually penetrate anymore. Still, it's a good thing Obama promised a laser-like focus on jobs all those months ago. If he hadn't, we'd really be in trouble, huh?

There's my two cents.

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