Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Illegal Immigration: Where There Be Madness

Here's why normal, hard-working, law-abiding American citizens really don't appreciate the idea of amnesty or handing out goodies to people who have entered the U.S. illegally:

These are high schoolers, by the way.

I simply don't understand how these people think this helps their cause. Imagine, if you will, that I came over to your house. I sneak in through your back door, help myself to whatever I find in the fridge, and plop down on the couch to watch TV. You come home and ask me what in the world I'm doing and demand I get out, and I get up in your face screaming some nonsense about how it's MY HOUSE, and how you need to RESPECT me.


It's literal insanity. And yet, these people seem to think that this is gaining them support for measures like amnesty, path to citizenship, and so on. I'm sorry, but boasting about how you're Mexican -- not Mexican-Americans even, but just Mexican -- and this is your country really doesn't sit well with most Americans. Uh, no. Keep pushing like this, and you're going to get such a massive backlash that you'll wish the American people would go back to ignoring you!

And did you notice how they were chanting 'Si, se puede!'? Remember what that means?

Yes, we can!

They know Barack Obama is on their side. Once again, Obama is against the majority of the American people, and supporting causes that damage the sovereignty of this nation.

But this madness doesn't just wander the streets. It's a liberal infection that has spread to that most trusted of liberal establishments: schools. Observe...

This is an issue that will not go away, and unfortunately the radical Left is pushing harder and harder. They know that they've got a rapidly closing window of time in which this radical Leftist Congress and White House are friendly to their goals, so they're attempting to force the issue now.

Push back. Gracefully and calmly, but don't give in.

There's my two cents.


Debbie said...

I saw on Fox about the girl who drew the American flag, I saw the image, I cannot imagine what that teacher was thinking. This is why government run schools are bad. Parents should have a choice. If we send our kids or grandchildren to private schools we have to pay twice -- once via taxes for government schools we are not using and again for the private school tuition. Or we must homeschool. Doesn't seem right.

Happy Birthday. I hear that smart, beautiful, handsome, Conservatives are born on this date, ha.


The All Real Numbers Symbol said...

I grow weary of this, especially now that the Mexican government is shown as one big hypocrite.

If you disrespect American culture, get out of the country.

If you think we have to learn Spanish to cater to you, get out of the country.

If you think I need a great job so I can pay for your welfare, get out of the country.

If you think you have a 'right' to be here, without a green card, get out of the country.

If you think you have the right to vote when you're here illegally, get out of the country.

If you think disrespecting my country's flag will endear your plight to me, get out of the country.

If you think I should boycott Arizona because they decided they were tired of the BS from illegals, get out of the country.

If you think Arizona and Texas belong to Mexico, you should consider leaving the country.

If you're sneaking over the border so your child can be born in America and you can stay because he's an American citizen, you should think about leaving.

And if you're an illegal alien, or support illegal aliens being here and want to give them amnesty, you should get out of America. Right now. Becuase my patience has absolutely, completely run out.

This applies to illegals and Liberals.

2Cents said...

Debbie - yeah, I couldn't agree with you more. Of course, the more I read about how wacko a lot of teachers in hotbed illegal immigration cities are, it's more amazing to me that this doesn't happen more often. Of course, maybe it does and we just don't hear about it.

Anyway, it is wrong...very wrong.

And thank you for the birthday message - there's just something about May 11th, isn't there? ;)

2Cents said...

TARNS - that's excellent! I was going to suggest you post that on your main page, and then I saw that you had. Well said! :)