Thursday, May 6, 2010

This Is Why We Call Them Crazy

The liberal Left is full of loonies, wackos, and nutjobs. Sure, there are a few crazies on the extreme Right, too, but...well, we're not exactly seeing a resurgence of white sheets lately, are we? No, the Right-leaning crazies are very few and far between, but the Left-leaning crazies are all over the place...

...finding real solutions to real problems

Straight from the Gaian People’s Republic of Boulder comes this fresh idea for stopping the flow of oil from the BP blowout in the Gulf of Mexico: meditation!

“The basic concept is to try and get as many people to visualize that the valve is actually functioning and is working and closing,” said Carl Fuermann, a staff member in the University of Colorado’s Registrar Office. …

“I’m very known for fixing things and making things work,” Fuermann said, adding that he believes his meditation helped fix a friend’s Flip video camera. “I visualize things working and hold the belief that they actually work.”

...insisting the government can do everything better than the private sector
An estimated 1.2 million tax returns filed in 2007 reported wages earned by taxpayers who used another taxpayer’s Social Security number, according to a new government report.

Many tax returns are filed by individuals who have used another person’s name and Social Security number at work, but then filed federal tax returns using their own names and assigned Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers. This often occurs with illegal immigrants. But when collection actions are taken on the account of the legitimate holder of the Social Security number, tax complications can occur for both the legitimate holder of the Social Security number, and the individual who used another person’s Social Security number at work.

A new report, by the Treasury Department’s Inspector General for Tax Administration, found that the Internal Revenue Service cannot currently identify such identity theft cases.

...attacking Disney for lacking a disabled princess

Disney has been praised for breaking down barriers by featuring its first black princess in the film The Princess and The Frog. Oona King, who was Gordon Brown's senior policy adviser on equalities and diversity, is not satisfied, however.

"You never see disabled people," the former Labour MP complained to Mandrake at a screening at the Mayfair Hotel in London. "When are you going to see a Disney film with a disabled character in the lead role? Tell me that."

...flawlessly identifying the real problem

The next time you dine out you might want to take your dental floss with you.

For it seems the toothpick has become the latest victim of the health and safety police - leaving disgruntled diners with food stuck between their molars.

Staff at a luxury hotel chain are refusing to provide customers with the post-meal dental sticks - because they are 'potentially dangerous'.

However, sharp metal cutlery on the table is - for now - still acceptable.

All those are amusing in their own right, but the Left really gets outrageous when it gets its way. For example, in Washington DC, liberals launched a campaign to get people to drive less (taking public transportation instead) and switch to more fuel efficient cars. It worked. You'd think there would be rejoicing, right? Nope. It seems that the entirely predictable scenario of falling revenues from gas taxes never entered their righteous little minds. To make up for it, they're going to try to install GPS devices in every car in the city and tax people based on the miles they travel instead.

On a related note, Maryland state officials are exempt from paying tolls.

My absolute favorites, however, are when two righteous liberal Leftists clash. Since no liberal Leftist policy or issue is based on anything other than feelings and self-appointed crusades of heroism, the winner is usually the one who is the most ridiculously insane (or willing to fight the dirtiest). Here are some great examples of dueling Leftists...

...battling over yardwork
Quan and Angelina Ha, in Orange County, California, decided to go green with their front lawn. By that I mean they tore it out entirely, leaving a scoured patch of dirt. The idea was to cut down (or eliminate) the amount of water they 'wasted' on keeping their lawn neat and tidy. You'd think the libs in the city government would have applauded them, right? Nope. The city sued them because by law they were required to cover their front yard with something. After battling it out in court, the Has relented and planted foliage that required very little water. But hey, the trial lawyers got quite a paycheck.

...battling over the desert

On a strip of California's Mojave Desert, two dozen rare tortoises could stand in the way of a sprawling solar-energy complex in a case that highlights mounting tensions between wilderness conservation and the nation's quest for cleaner power.

Oakland, Calif.-based BrightSource Energy has been pushing for more than two years for permission to erect 400,000 mirrors on the site to gather the sun's energy. It could become the first project of its kind on U.S. Bureau of Land Management property, leaving a footprint for others to follow on vast stretches of public land across the West.

The construction would come with a cost: Government scientists have concluded that more than 6 square miles of habitat for the federally threatened desert tortoise would be permanently lost.

The Sierra Club and other environmentalists want the complex relocated to preserve what they call a near-pristine home for rare plants and wildlife, including the protected tortoise, the Western burrowing owl and bighorn sheep.

Oh, this one should be fun to watch! If I had to pick a winner, I'd say the animals win - pictures of 400,000 mirrors just isn't as captivating as an owl or tortoise, and when issues are decided solely upon the oh-so-scientific warm fuzzy factor, that'll win the day every time.

In summary, all of these things -- and much, much more -- are why we call them crazy Leftists.

There's my two cents.

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