Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Putting The Crack In Crackpot

While animal rights activists put the crack in crackpot, it's immensely fun and informative to pay just enough attention to them to know what they're doing:

Animal rights crazies always come up insane ideas. PETA, for example, has come up with ideas like renaming fish "sea kittens", making ice cream with human breast milk, and opening a lobster empathy center. In Australia, kids were told they should die to help save the environment.

Considering the above examples, this isn't all that unexpected from the animal rights lobby. According to them, we need to start providing human rights for dolphins and whales!

Whales and dolphins should get "human rights" to life and liberty because of mounting evidence of their intelligence, a group of conservationists and experts in philosophy, law and ethics said Sunday.

Japan, Norway and Iceland, the main whaling nations, oppose such arguments that would outlaw hunting or even keeping the mammals in marine parks. They have long said there is no real evidence that they are smarter, for instance, than cows or pigs.

Participants at a University of Helsinki conference said ever more studies show the giant marine mammals have human-like self-awareness, an ability to communicate and organize complex societies, making them similar to some great apes.

"We affirm that all cetaceans as persons have the right to life, liberty and wellbeing," they said in a declaration after a two-day meeting led by the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS).

You know, I always find it amusing that, in animal rights activists' quest to prove that humans are no more worthy of life than the lowliest animal, they always seem to then suggest that human rights are what animals deserve.  Um, isn't that kind of a self-defeating argument?

Anyway, I hope you got a good laugh out of this.  I sure did.  But let's not forget that these crackpots quickly cease to be funny when they actually have the ear of radical Leftists in government who are happy to give them what they want, or influence policy...

There's my two cents.

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