Thursday, May 27, 2010

Louisiana Is Not Happy With The One

That's putting it mildly, actually:

Keep in mind: this is a Democrat!

Obama's Katrina, anyone? How's that vacation, Mr. President?

But it's not only the problem of Obama failing to act here (which he is)...the problem is also the fact that his absence on the issue is preventing local authorities from acting, too:

“Let’s be clear: Every day that this oil sits is one more day that more of our marsh dies,” Gov. Bobby Jindal (LA) said Monday. “We’ve been frustrated with the disjointed effort to date that has too often meant too little, too late for the oil hitting our coast,” he continued. Specifically, Jindal is frustrated by the failure of the federal government to produce the 8 million feet of oil-blocking booms it asked for back on May 2nd and 3rd. So far Louisiana has only received 815,000 feet of boom, and even then the federal government has failed to place it in the correct locations.

Worse, Obama administration regulators continue to deny Louisiana officials permission to build up barrier islands between the coast’s marshes and the gulf. Federal regulators have so far refused to permit the state to act, fearing the unintended long-term damage to local wildlife. So instead of action, the oil continues to float on shore threatening the livelihoods of millions of Louisianans.

Why the silence? It couldn't be simply based on politics, could it? Because Jindal is a Republican? Nah, surely not. That would be putting politics over principle, and sticking a finger in the eye of the American people, and Barack Obama would never, ever, EVER do that.


There's my two cents.


The All Real Numbers Symbol said...

Somebody's got to tell Jindal to just take the technology and go do it himself, because he's got a better chance of the moon landing in those marshes than Baracky okaying anything to save those wetlands. Okay, let me change that. I'm sure Obummer'll okay it, in six or eight weeks...or ten...or twelve...

And here my family and I were just talking this morning about how Barack is supposed to some kind of environmentalist. I think my family is right: You'd think Barack would be jumping all over to try and save the march. I guess really he really does hate America just that much.

Jindal should take those boons and put them were he needs them put, and them think about contructing his own boons. He'll get things done quicker that way.

2Cents said...

I agree with your point, but Jindal's stuck waiting on federal permits. I wonder what kind of a showdown it would create if he went ahead with it anyway. Could be interesting to watch.

I think that Rush Limbaugh is right on this stuff - it's all a distraction from his true passion: re-engineering the social policy of America into a statist's utopia. Anything else that gets in the way, be it an environmental disaster or a foreign nation's nuclear threat, is all just an annoyance to be brushed aside as quickly as possible.

That's part of what makes him so dangerous.