Monday, May 10, 2010


Great Britain outlaws Christianity
5 reasons the UK general election matters to the U.S. (results and analysis here)
News not fit to print (because it makes Israel look good...heroic even)
Pelosi on the economy: I'm either a gigantic idiot or an egregious liar
Treasury Department participates in GM's fraud on American taxpayers
Shutting down free speech
Keep the lights on
Finally...!  GOP calls for investigation of why Obama sucked up the oil spill (not that it'll do any good, since the Dems running things won't let it proceed)
What Barack Obama thinks of anyone who doesn't bow down to him (aka The Politics of Contempt)
Amen!  Third Navy SEAL found not guilty!!!
Liberalism run amok: school suspends blood drive over anti-gay discrimination accusation (never mind the empirically provable increased safety risks, like the fact that gay/bisexual men are 44 times more likely to contract HIV...yeah, that's really an irrelevant concern)
Sliding toward the cliff edge
School choice: What parents want

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