Monday, May 24, 2010

Who Supports Barack Obama?

I think this trio of stories is very, very telling:

Communist Party USA official claims credit for DemCare's passage

Dan Margolis, chair of the New York State Communist Party USA and 2004 coordinator for the Democratic Party, recently wrote about the Communist Party’s influence in democratic politics.
KeyWiki Blog

When there were setbacks in the fight for health care, there was demoralization and frustration. Our Bronx club, which was instrumental in building an Organizing for America-based local organization, helped fight this feeling and, in the process, gained a good deal of experience. It can be said that, without the Communist Party, and solid leadership from one comrade in particular, the OFA group could have easily disbanded itself. Also, the Party was able and is able to play a leadership role in the question of what we’re fighting for, and in what context: why not some kind of National Health Service, as in the U.K., right now, or for Medicare for All?

Unions to spend huge chunk of Obama stash to keep Dems in power

Unions hit the jackpot this past year thanks to the radical dems in charge of Washington.
They made off with $10 billion in the Obamacare bill.

Union bosses who have mismanaged benefits for their own members are poised to receive a $10 billion bailout from U.S. taxpayers in the form of a “reinsurance program” that has been folded into the healthcare bill, according to the Workforce Fairness Institute (WFI).

Now, they’ll return the favor.
Unions will spend over $100 million to keep the democrats in charge of Washington DC.
The Hill

At least two influential unions will spend close to $100 million on the 2010 election, with most of those funds going to protect incumbents.

Corporate PACs turn to the GOP

In 2008, corporate PACs donated heavily to Democrats as the political momentum unmistakably swung their way. In 2010, the momentum has shifted enough for the majority of corporate donations to go to Republicans, even though they do not currently hold the majority in Congress as Democrats did in 2008. They’re betting on a big change in the House, the Washington Post reports:

Corporate America is gambling on the minority in its political giving this year, assuming that Republicans will win big in the November midterm elections, an analysis of campaign finance reports shows.

The pattern represents a distinct change from a year ago, when President Obama was sworn into office. Back then, corporate political action committees made a shift to the Democrats, giving 58 percent of their donations to the party. So far this year, 48 percent of the contributions from big business are going to the Democrats.

So, the Communists and union thugs are Obots, and corporate America has finally realized who is the biggest threat to their survival.

Interesting, is it not?

There's my two cents.

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