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Honduras, Russia, China

Let's go around the world with the Obamessiah.

Obama still isn't acting like the leader of the free world regarding Honduras. To the contrary, he's taking the side of the tyrant:
Honduran democracy protesters urged Obama not to join with Hugo Chavez and Raul Castro in siding with ousted President Zelaya.

Message to Obama. "Obama, help us to defend our democracy, constitution and freedom. Do not support the following Chavez." (Photo by Leonel Estrada- El Heraldo)

Wrong again.
Barack Obama explained why he is backing the ousted thug in Honduras during his speech today in Russia.
ABC News reported:

“America supports now the restoration of the democratically-elected President of Honduras, even though he has strongly opposed American policies,” the president told graduate students at the commencement ceremony of Moscow’s New Economic School. “We do so not because we agree with him. We do so because we respect the universal principle that people should choose their own leaders, whether they are leaders we agree with or not. “

The president’s remarks came in the midst of a speech in which discussed “America’s interest in democratic governments that protect the rights of their people” and supported Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s call for judicial reforms in his country.
Of course, Obama forgot to mention this part:

The military, judiciary and Honduran congress removed the country’s president because he was attempting to illegally extend his tenure in office. – attempting a bloodless coup – in usurpation of that country’s constitution. The people of Honduras – in the form of that country’s military, judiciary and congress – stood up to tyranny by exorcising the Marxist cancer that threatened that nation’s sovereignty. Yet, the leader of the free world – and his secretary of state – sided with the tyrannical, calling for the reinstatement of ousted despot who tried to destroy their democracy.
Instead, Barack Obama joined with Latin American Marxists Raul Castro, Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez and rallied around ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya this week.
What a disgrace.

More... Jake Tapper added this additional information:

The military removal of Zelaya as president – and the appointment of Roberto Micheletti as interim President by the Honduran legislature – came after Zelaya attempted to rewrite his nation’s constitution to end term limits to continue his rule, despite the fact that term limits in the constitution is one of eight “firm articles” that cannot be changed.

After the Honduran Legislature refused to call a constitutional convention to rewrite the constitution, Zelaya called for a referendum to do so, which the Honduran Supreme Court and Attorney General declared unconstitutional. Zelaya, allied with leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez , fired top military commander Romeo Vásquez Velásquez for refusing to carry out the referendum. Every branch of government sided against Zelaya and Congress began discussing impeachment proceedings. Acting on orders from the Honduran Supreme Court, soldiers arrested Zelaya on June 28 and sent him into exile in Costa Rica.
For some reason Obama omitted these facts in his explanation

He keeps talking about the people electing their government, but the reality on the ground is that the 'ousted' President is a tyrant that was shredding the Honduran constitution, and the people have had enough of it. I guess that's why Obama feels some kinship with Zelaya, though. Obama fervently believes in shredding our Constitution, too.

Obama is in the midst of a trip to Russia to discuss the voluntary bilateral unilateral disarmament of nuclear weapons, among other things. Of course, he's making about as much sense in Russia as he is in regard to Honduras:
Obama told Russian students today that, "A great power does not show strength by dominating or demonizing other countries."
Except of course if that country is Honduras or Israel-- In that case it is OK to meddle and treat them like chess pieces.
Reuters reported:

While extending the hand of friendship on cutting nuclear weapons and dealing jointly with North Korea and Iran, Obama also addressed the hangovers from the Soviet Union by warning that empires should not treat other countries as chess pieces.

"In 2009, a great power does not show strength by dominating or demonizing other countries," Obama said. "The days when empires could treat sovereign states as pieces on a chess board are over."
When was the last time we've seen a leader contradict himself so often in the same speech?

It sounds like the Russian youth were not so impressed either. They applauded only at the end of the 31-minute speech.

UPDATE: Drudge points out another contradiction:

7:45 AM: Suspected US missiles hit militants...

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we're still hitting militants in the War on Terror Man-Caused Disasters! I just think that it would be nice for once if Obama was held accountable for his words. Yeah, I know...silly me.

Michael Goldfarb reports on another brutal crackdown that Obama can ignore:

The death count is at 156, while the Chinese security forces have arrested more than a thousand protesters. Beijing’s response has been true to form: block Internet access, keep reporters out, put down the protests by any means, and blame foreign forces such as D.C.-based Uighur human rights activist Rebiya Kabeer. This is about the same game plan that China followed last year when Tibetans protested their maltreatment.

In the short term, China’s approach works. Thanks to China’s propaganda machine, many if not most Chinese people believe that foreign forces are busily at work trying to “split” and humiliate China. China thus maintains the support of its own citizens. Moreover, for now Beijing does not have Washington to worry about. The Obama administration’s China policy seems to be focused on begging China to keep buying our ever expanding debt. And, the Politburo can count on President Obama to downplay human rights concerns, lest they stand in the way of his “can’t we all just get along” foreign policy.

But what about the long term? There are tens of millions of Muslims in China who are fed up with religious persecution and second-class citizenship. If China does have a terror problem, continuing to anger its Muslim population is not the way to confront it. And, with a violent uprising last year in Tibet, scores of weekly protests within China, and now the Uighur demonstrations, can we really call China a stable country?

These Chinese 'protesters' are Uighurs...radical Muslims. Hey, wait a second...I seem to recall another story about radical Muslim Uighurs from not long ago. What was it, what was it...? Oh, that's right, Obama released several of them from Gitmo and serenaded them off to a life of luxury in the Bahamas, courtesy of the American taxpayer!

I can't imagine why he wants to ignore more Chinese Uighur unrest, can you?

There's my two cents.

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