Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Action Items

Good morning! I hope you had a great weekend! It's the beginning of another chock-full week of nauseating political chasing, so let's get right to it!

There are several things about which you may want to contact your elected representatives. Here are some nutshell summaries for you.

Last week, the Senate passed four outstanding amendments to curb illegal immigration, but they're not law yet:
Most of you are shocked by the Senate's passage of 4 strong immigration enforcement amendments that would open up hundreds of thousands of jobs to unemployed Americans over the next year alone. Maybe even millions of jobs!

The Sessions E-Verify amendment. The DeMint fence amendment. The Vitter no-match amendment. The Grassley E-Verify amendment.

Rightfully, many of you are skeptical. You are asking us: Did the Senate Democratic Leadership -- that has opposed everything that favors unemployed Americans over illegal aliens -- suddenly "allow" us to win as a kind of trap? What's the trick?

...based on our information from inside Congress, we should expect that Senate Majority Leader Reid, House Speaker Pelosi and Pres. Obama have every intention of killing these amendments in a backroom maneuver when the joint Conference Committee negotiates the final bill to be sent to the President.
This sort of dirty trick has been done before - remember the border fence? It was voted through the Senate, but they somehow failed to fund the fence as the final bill came out of committee, so it never happened. These amendments will increase enforcement, remove the jobs magnet, and open up thousands of potential jobs to Americans who really need them, so these amendments absolutely must be preserved.

What to do?

Call your Senators and thank them for passing the amendments (if they supported them). Regardless of their support or not, encourage them to fight all attempts to gut those amendments from the final version of the bill.

Supreme Court Nomination of Sotomayor
I haven't really given a whole lot of coverage time to Sotomayor because I thought what I have posted more or less covered the most important stuff. Basically, she's a feminist racist who believes that it's more important to rule on the basis of her own notion of 'fairness' than on what's actually written as law, and she's also not a particularly brilliant judge to boot. She's a liberal's dream, and would be a nightmare on the highest court in the land. Her confirmation hearings are starting this week, and she is expected to be confirmed. Still, it's worth calling your Senators to put a bug in their ear that this would be a mistake.

And, of course, health care 'reform' and cap-and-tradetax are both still percolating, so you might mention those to your Senators, too.

There's a lot going on in politics today, and it's very, very consequential stuff. The more you know about it, the better decision you can make about what's right for our country, and how to get involved. No time like the present to jump in, so get to it!

There's my two cents.

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