Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sotomayor Hearings, Day Two

Here is some additional detail on yesterday's Senate hearings on Sotomayor's confirmation. A consensus of opinions that I've read about the day seem to think that Senator Jeff Sessions really made her look like a buffoon, but otherwise Sotomayor escaped relatively unscathed. She dodged most bullets, but had to do so through a lot of pretty obvious rhetorical convulsions and backpedaling (and some outright lying), which doesn't look good. I think a good summary comes from Heritage, with this:
Judge Sonia Sotomayor did not impress, but it probably does not matter. Her goal today was to avoid slipping and saying something that could get her into trouble. On that count, mission accomplished.

More remarkable, though, was the use of conservative language and ideas by both sides of the Committee and by the nominee, herself. Today, a nominee for the High Court must at least pay lip service to applying the law as it is written, deferring to Congress on matters of policy, and rejecting the “living Constitution.” It’s just more evidence: the public and their representatives (in rhetoric only, for some) have embraced the Framer’s conception of the rule of law. Too bad that furthering their vision was not among the President’s aims in selecting Judge Sotomayor.
This is the thing that really disgusts me. When it really counts, liberals know exactly what to say to give the appearance of being very reasonable and 'centrist'. Then, when the spotlight is off and the rubber meets the road, they do a total reversal and go hard left. That's precisely what Obama did, and that's precisely what Sotomayor is trying to do in this hearing. Senator Graham calls her out on this at one point, saying, "I listened to you today, I think I’m listening to Judge Roberts."

Now, it's galling enough that liberals will do this so frequently, but what really hacks me off is that those on the Right fall for it time and time again. Mark my words - every single one of those Senators knows exactly how radically Left Sotomayor is and will be on the Supreme Court, but some of them will still vote for her because she gave the right answers on this particular day in front of them. They are going to willfully blind themselves to her track record, her history, and her past, instead choosing to focus on this handful of days in which everyone is paying attention to her, and they will accept her words as truth rather than her collective life's work.

It's shameful, cowardly, naive, and infuriating to watch.

Anyway, Sen. Sessions was the only one who really scored some serious points against Sotomayor, so here's a clip of part of his questioning:

Sessions is one of the good ones, and he clearly came to play. If all of the GOP Senators had been as ready as Sessions, Sotomayor would be in deep trouble. But, alas, that just isn't reality. The best we can hope for is that a few more Americans will have their eyes opened to exactly what the liberal Left is like.

So how are Americans viewing Sotomayor now? There's been a huge shift in recent days. Rasmussen Reports now shows that more Americans oppose Sotomayor's nomination than support it. Even a 'liberal law professor' says that Sotomayor either perjured herself or is completely unqualified. That's bad. But, in the end, it isn't likely to kill her nomination.

That would be up to you. If you think this lady belongs on the Supreme Court of the United States of America, do nothing. If, however, you do not (for whatever reason...there are plenty from which to choose), pick up the phone and call your Senators. Overwhelming pressure is really the only thing that can stop her from being voted through.

More details as this continues to play out.

There's my two cents.

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