Monday, March 1, 2010

Daily Must-Reads

This update includes some stories from the end of last week.

While we were all paying attention to the DemCare dog-and-pony show, the Democrats attacked the CIA, introducing a bill that would create a new criminal class that could only be filled by CIA agents.  Fortunately, the GOP shamed them into pulling the provision out.

John Stossel: We don't need the FDA.

Even Dems are calling for Rangel's resignation.  Can we say 1994, anyone...?

Could this be the next President...?

Irony: Britain holds its first Tea Party.  Cool!  Welcome to the ideological club, friends!

Obama kills 23,000 Florida jobs by killing space travel.

Ah, that explains it: Obama endorses the U.S. Olympic hockey team, thus dooming them to failure.  The good news: Obama to travel to Missouri to campaign for Claire McCaskill.  (No, really, just ask Harry Reid how an Obama visit works out...)

Pelosi unconcerned with corruption in the 'most ethical Congress' in history.

Guess who's running for New York Governor?  The Manhattan Madam of Eliot Spitzer fame.  Lots of humor in this one, but my favorite quote of the story has to be:  "At least she has a business background. That will be important since the state is bankrupt."  I love it!!!

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