Sunday, March 21, 2010

It Goes Down Today

Michelle Malkin sets the stage for today's watershed moment in American history:

Now what, you ask?

As House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced on Friday, the House will convene on this Sunday at 1pm Eastern. There will be a series of votes — listed here by CBS — culminating in a Hail Mary effort by the GOP to kill the bill. That vote on the "motion to recommit" is expected at roughly around 6:00pm-ish.

Chad Pergram at Fox News fills in some of the details:

Unlike the Democrats' original plan, this rule will not utilize the "deem and pass" method on the Senate bill. While the rule handles BOTH packages, it provides for separate debate and votes on both measures.

Then there will be a procedural vote, called "Moving the Previous Question." Ignore this. After that, there will be a vote on the rule. Probably not before 4 pm. If the House doesn't approve the rule, it can't advance to the underlying issues at hand.

Crunch time.

Next: If whip-happy Nancy Pelosi passes that obstacle, it's on to the last-ditch effort by the GOP to stop this thing:

The GOP will then be allowed to offer what's called a "motion to recommit" or MTR. This is the minority party's last effort to kill the bill…

A short debate will ensue, which probably takes us to at least 6:15 pm.

There will then be a vote on the motion to recommit. That takes us to at least 6:40.

Then we are ready for our final, two big votes of the day.

First: The Senate Demcare bill. Second, the House wreckonciliation proposal.

Detailed schedule here.

And, on a related note, here's another preview of that oh-so-wonderful government-run health care the Democrats are trying to force on us:

The bungling medics' mistake has prompted an urgent overhaul of procedures at West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St Edmunds.

Details of the error surfaced this week after the hospital was forced to confess all thanks to freedom of information laws.

Care at the hospital had previously been rated "good" by the Care Quality Commission.

The botched op took place last year.

The unnamed patient should have had his right epididymis — a narrow tube connected to the testes — removed but the surgeons took away his left one instead.

A second op was then needed to take away the right one, rendering him totally infertile.

Will we look back on Sunday, March 21st of 2010 and ruminate on where we were and what we were doing?  That seems to be the thing to do on historic moments.  Somehow, I don't think most people will do so fondly in this case...unless DemCare dies.

There's my two cents.

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