Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sacrificing For The Greater Good

The Master gives us two perspectives on this idea:

And oh, by the way, senior Democrat staffers are exempt from DemCare (just like Congress and White House members), too. I'm certain they'll be clamoring to get into the system any moment now...after all, DemCare is supposed to be the awesomest thing ever since the invention of the word awesome, right?

This one, however, I can really get behind:

And the Dems know it, too. Good riddance. May this be the ultimate demise of the entire Democrat party.

Here's another great entry from Sarjex:

Let's hope those precious few can keep things alive until the reinforcements come flooding in!

You might call your Republican Senators and Congressman and ask them their position on the outright and total repeal of DemCare. See if they waffle or try to redefine the terms, or if they give you a straight up yes. If they waffle, it's a signal that they're willing to compromise, and thus they're going to need to be replaced at the next possible chance. At minimum, they're going to need extra heat.

I spoke with my Rep's office today, and he's already made a public statement that repeal is the way to go. I mentioned Michelle Bachmann's already-in-progress repeal legislation, and the staffer was very interested. Now is the time for NOmentum...keep it rolling.

I find this video clip ironic:

Oh, we will, Madam Speaker. You can rest assured we will. I just don't think you're going to like the answer! GP offers this modest preliminary judgment:
Since 2009 Democrats have tripled the national deficit, nearly doubleddestroyed the economy, added $2 Trillion in new debt, nationalized car companies and health care and ran the most corrupt government in decades. Let’s pray to St. Joseph the Worker that her wish comes true and that Americans judge democrats honestly this November. unemployment,
This one is almost too easy. It'll be genuinely brutal to post these numbers as we get closer to the election. Sweet. Thanks for the invitation, Madam Speaker!

By the way, the first (of many to come, I'm certain) campaign ad using DemCare as a bullet point has been posted. This should be fun - who can get the most creative in bashing the Dems with their signature piece of legislation that no one wanted?

Anyway, back to sacrificing for the greater good. That is, at its heart, socialism. Once again, Sarah Palin provides a spark that will undoubtedly cause spasms of frothing rage from the Left:

Supporting DemCare is the opposite of loving America? Whoa! She must enjoy dropping the boom-stick on liberals. She's so darned good at it, too.

There's my two cents.

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