Friday, March 5, 2010

Fun And Frivolity: Exploding Whale, Obamamotors' New Masterpiece, And Vader's Cat

No, these three things really aren't related...other than the fact that they all amuse me.

Exploding whale

The 40th anniversary of a landmark event revisits a rather foolish plan...

Hahahahahahahaha...!!!!! Really? No one saw this possibility??

Obamamotors' new masterpiece

Hillbuzz posted this a while ago, and I couldn't help linking it:

The caption underneath extols the virtues of Obamamotors' new masterpiece:

The New GM (Government Motors)
Proudly Introduces
The 2010 Obama
This car runs on hot air, bull-s*** and broken promises.
It has three wheels that speed the vehicle through tight left turns.
It comes complete with two
teleprompters programmed to help the occupants talk their way out of any violations.
The transparent canopy reveals the plastic smiles still on the faces of all the happy owners.
Comes in S, M, L, XL and 2XL
It won’t get you to work, but hey, there aren’t any jobs anyway!

Brilliant! Let's hope (for all our sakes) that their satire remains satire rather than becoming prophecy.

Vader's cat

This just makes me laugh:

Now that's just AWESOME!

Have a great weekend!

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