Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fun And Frivolity: That's A Pretty Amazing Planet Ya' Got There

To end this week, here are some incredible pics of this amazing world:

Want more? Check out this page, where you can vote for your favorite 'new 7 wonders of the world'. This truly is an amazing place God made for us. I firmly believe we need to stop and simply drink it in every now and then.


By the way, I'm going to be away from the keyboard for the next few days, so there likely won't be any new posts for about a week. If you'd like to stay on top of the news, all of the links to the right are excellent. In particular, I'd suggest the following if you're interested in...

...legislative chicanery and sneaky maneuvers: RedState and American Spectator
...irreverent terrorist-bashing: The Jawa Report
...great commentary on current events (and a bit of snark): Ace of Spades and Gateway Pundit political analysis: Hot Air
...hard-core number crunching and analysis: Heritage Foundation
...insightful and thought-provoking commentary: American Thinker and NRO
...all the news there is: Drudge Report
...reporting the MSM won't do: Washington Times

Remember, the Dems are reportedly going to implement a parliamentary trick to pass DemCare without actually voting on it (or publicizing the final bill) sometime next week. Call your Reps repeatedly -- especially if they're a Democrat -- and demand they stand with the American people, who oppose DemCare nearly 2:1. The future of America is at stake on this one; let's not fail our kids and grandkids.

Have a great week!

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