Monday, March 22, 2010

To Refresh Your Memory: American Suicide Vote Records

It's time for another update of all the votes by which Congress is killing America from the inside out (the last update was in May of 2009). Just for posterity's sake, I wanted to post links to all of the votes that have gone into the gigantic bailouts, spending packages, and government expansions so that you can see how your Senators and Rep voted on each step of the process. Here's the complete and updated list:

TARP 1 vote 1 - House of Representatives
TARP 1 - Senate
TARP 1 vote 2 - House of Representatives

Generational Theft Act ("stimulus") vote 1 - House of Representatives
Generational Theft Act ("stimulus") cloture vote - Senate
Generational Theft Act ("stimulus") vote 1 - Senate
Generational Theft Act ("stimulus") vote 2 - House of Representatives
Generational Theft Act ("stimulus") vote 2 - Senate

Omnibus spending bill - House of Representatives
Omnibus spending bill (cloture) - Senate
Omnibus spending bill (final) - Senate

2009/2010 budget - House of Representatives
2009/2010 budget - Senate

2009/2010 reconciled budget - House of Representatives
reconciled budget - Senate
Additional 2009 spending bill - House of Representatives

2010 Omnibus spending bill - House of Representatives

Cap-and-Trade Tax - House of Representatives

DemCare - House of Representatives
DemCare cloture #1 - Senate
DemCare cloture #2 - Senate
DemCare - Senate
DemCare - House of Representatives (passing Senate bill)

Final (estimated) dollar amounts:
TARP 1: $700 billion
Generational Theft Act: $1.2 trillion
2009 Omnibus spending bill: $410 billion
2010 budget: $3.5 trillion
Cap-and-Tax: $1.9 trillion
Omnibus spending bill: $447 billion
DemCare: $2.5 trillion
2009 Spending: $174 billion
Total: $10.831 trillion

I'll update and re-post this every time we get another giant bailout, 'stimulus', or massive expansion of government.

Why am I doing this? I think our politicians believe that we have a very short memory. They think they can get away with whatever is politically expedient because the voters will forget about it before the next election. Well, not anymore. When the 2010 election rolls around, check back here to refresh your memory on exactly who voted for these disastrous policies (both economically and otherwise), and send them home. If you hate what Congress is doing, the only way to change their course is to vote the bad ones out.

It should also be noted that out of all 23 votes above, from a combined total of well over 6,000 votes cast, a full 93% of the 'yes' votes came from Democrats. TARP was the only truly bipartisan measure, and that's because panic was driving all the lemmings over the cliff. Once Congressional heads cooled a bit, the Republicans found their spine and some fiscal responsibility. So, if you remove TARP from the picture, the percentage of Democrat 'yes' votes jumps to 98%. Of the 20 non-TARP votes, 12 of them had literally zero Republican support, and all but one has less than 10 (only the 2009 omnibus bill had more, with 16). Why do I point this out?

All of these debacles -- and the inevitable resulting economic woes -- belong to Obama and the Democrats, and to them alone.

There is a difference between the two parties now. Yeah, the GOP sucked rotten eggs for a number of years there, but as the radical Leftist nature of the Democrat party has been fully revealed, the GOP has been batting almost a perfect 1.000.

Remember that when you look around and wonder what happened to this great nation, and especially when it comes time to vote.

There's my two cents.

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