Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Insurance Industry: You're On Notice; Everyone Else: You're Next

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh spoke with a regular caller, Stacy, who works in the insurance industry. She gives the insider's take on DemCare, what her company sees as the inevitable effects it will have on insurance, and why. This could be the most important 14.5 minutes you spend all day today:

The plan is this:
1. force insurance companies to spike their premiums so high in order to cover the cost of that 85% chunk for claims
2. step in and say that since insurance companies are charging such exorbitant premiums that the government really must get involved
3. implement the public option/single payer/government exchanges

Whatever they call it, it will be a government-controlled method of providing highly regulated insurance that will inevitably drive private insurance out of business. Once insurance companies start dropping off the face of the map, no one will have any choice but the government option.

And there's your government control of health care.

Not only would this be disastrous all by itself, but just think...if they're willing to do this with any one industry -- especially one as large and critically important to every man, woman, and child in the country -- won't they be willing to do this to any other industry?

Yours may be next.

One word: REPEAL.

There's my two cents.

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